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“The Counselor” is the hottest show you haven’t heard about… GET FAMILIAR


“The Counselor” is the hottest show you haven’t heard about… GET FAMILIAR

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer

Changes in technology have made it where good TV doesn’t even have to be on TV. These changes have even created stars out of people who are nowhere near the industry. Since these changes have occurred, several online shows have garnered success.

However, this new series, “The Counselor,” a series produced by, and starring Nelson Davis and Silk White, is a diamond in the ruff. When going independent, the quality isn’t always guaranteed. But, the pacing and the writing is on point with this show.

This is definitely a game of chances, with “The Counselor,” a case of “what are the odds of this happening.” The series follows Cornelius Johnson (Davis), who returns to town, working at a high school. Until he finds a place, he is staying at a hotel, beside a massage parlor, where he runs into a worker, while on the phone.

Marissa (Khadija Muhammad) encounters Cornelius and offers him a massage. From the onset, it becomes like something most people watch when they go on an incognito browser. But, the massage becomes a little more than expected, and it ends up leading back to Cornelius’ hotel room.

When he shows up at work, Cornelius is a hit with the ladies in the office and episode one ends with Marissa walking into the office, asking to change her schedule. Already, the office ladies warned Cornelius about her, and they even speculate that Marissa will try something. Meanwhile, Cornelius is upset that she didn’t tell him she was underage.

Despite being a child, Marissa is involved with some heavy stuff, owing money to some local gangsters. In turn, they owe money to Easy (Czar), who is pulling the strings. All season long, Easy is speaking to an unidentified man, wearing a gray hoodie, and this man makes moves.

Cornelius struggles, as Marissa puts the moves on him, blackmailing him for $5,000. As soon as Cornelius comes up with the money, he’s robbed at gunpoint, but Marissa doesn’t care about that. Calling for help, Cornelius’ friend, G (David “Mel” Melvin), comes through with the money, but the twist is that he’s the one Marissa owes.

G is having Marissa followed and is confused when he sees her dealing with Cornelius. Smelling a setup, G is ready to go at them all, but Marissa has a trick up her sleeve that leads to G being shot and killed. Meanwhile, the person behind the entire setup is someone least expected.

At first glance, Cornelius is the one behind this, as the gray hoodie guy, unmasked has his face. But, Easy reveals this is his twin brother!





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