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Review: Maino – “KOB 3” #KOB3


Review: Maino – “KOB 3” #KOB3

KOB 3By K. Knight
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nearly two months have passed since Maino’s KOB3 dropped. The street-infused beat cringing sensation hit us with a real testament to the trials of a man and his music. Maino, the self-proclaimed King of Brooklyn is doing it all to tell a story of street chronicles.

KOB 3 includes seventeen selections, including a gut punching intro hearing Maino telling how he never wants to forget where he came from. His humble roots screaming through the core beats captivate. Out right bangers are the hardcore inspiring “Harder Than Them.”

Spawning an Instagram workout video hit with “Harder Than Them,” thousands of followers were showing off their best 15 seconds of going “harder than them.” Fans beasted it out in gyms across the internet to this track. For his faithful followers, there is the “Pussy Nigga Problems” videosm well now it’s not only a single but has a gut-clenching interlude.

“Pussy Nigga Problems” is an ode to the “feminine intentions” men out here living their lives hating vicariously through “real” men. Well, this song takes audiences on a fun ride for the lames out here with Maino featuring Chinx, may he rest in peace, going in on these sad individuals. The video is set to drop soon so it’s going to be hilarious.

Current single and video out now is “Love My Niggas” featuring Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda and Harlem’s Vado paying homage to their “niggas” and saluting them all with a dedication anthem with beats bumping in the background. The video has several guest appearances including “Black Ink Crew”’s Ceasar. For those that love southern style rap, Kevin Gates drops verses on “Fall Thru,” along with “Money,” a rollercoaster ride of rhythms all you can do is embrace the lyrics with a mid-tempo beat in the backdrop.

Talks of drugs, tears of a mother losing her children to the streets, and loss of friends and foes along the way make one realize how cold life can be at times. Now he did not leave the ladies out, because “Yayo” and “Getting to the Money” featuring Tweezie tells us a side of romantic escapades with some “bad girls” that intrigued him in more ways than one. Battling beats, truth telling lyrics, and transitional flows are one way to describe KOB3.

The close out song is called “Mama Loves Me,” with mellow tones testifying of a young boy running freely in this concrete jungle. A near death experience of his mother brought this son to write a beautiful lyrical love letter to apologize for his life experiences. Rarely do I listen to rap albums or mixtapes beginning to end but this is one of the best projects I’ve heard in a long time. If you haven’t heard it make sure you do!

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 8/10

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