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Review: Kir – “Legendary”


Review: Kir – “Legendary”

legendary-kirBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In times of confusion, leaders are born and Pennsylvania is going through a turbulent time, right now. Everything from deciding the election down to Meek Mill’s growing number of beefs, the state is in transition. Truth be told, the world wants new blood.

Long before these issues existed, Kir named himself Legendary, via his previous mixtape release. This was a bold statement for a guy who wasn’t well-known, at the time. But, it may prove to be telling, as Kir is cultivating a huge internet following.

It may seem as if is very easy to gain stardom, via the internet, but talent is always the primary reason. From the opening of Legendary, to the title track, it is abundantly clear that Kir can rap his behind off. Not even just that, Kir is entertaining and unique, doing it all on his own.

Every track on this project displays Kir’s strong lyrical ability and “Juice,” the breakout viral single, is definitely the standout. Still, it is clear this project is a mixtape and not an album, as he is growing. But, for what it is, Legendary serves its purpose and if/when Kir accomplishes his goals, he may end up living up to the title one day, but not enough time has passed, as of yet.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 7/10

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