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Review: Gil Thompson – “Gods At War”


Review: Gil Thompson – “Gods At War”

Gods At WarBy Jay Rich
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When it comes to the new generation, the older people just don’t get it. A generation unlike any other, this new crop of people are more inspired by movies and video games than any other. Proudly, life imitates art and Gil Thompson proves this with Gods At War.

Gods At War is the title of Gil Thompson’s new album and it is inspired by the Gods of War video game series. This was the best title Gil could convey for his goals. The Philadelphia native is more inspired than ever to take over the rap game.

Opening his album with “I Thought You Knew Better,” Gil Thompson strongly makes his goals clear. The title, itself, proves this and Gil’s lyricism holds its own, even if it doesn’t fully compliment the beat. Regardless, the tone is set that this is a man inspired to take over, proving all doubters wrong, along the way.

Lyrically, Gil Thompson delivers, which says a lot, because most of the new stars rely solely on “swag” and ad-libs. A lot has changed, as previously stated, but Gil Thompson, in this regard, is a relic of the old school. However, a recurring theme on Gods At War is that despite Gil having pretty amazing bars, they don’t always completely compliment the track.

Gil Thompson has what it takes to make it, which is a vision, because vision will take a person through the darkness that can be life. Throughout eleven tracks, Gil makes his mission clear, but he does not show an ability to switch it up, which is necessary in order to compete in this hip hop climate. Props to him for not overdosing on auto-tune, as he used none and rarely harmonized, but his album is all grit and hardcore lyrics, which does become rather boring.

But, all in all, Gil Thompson is a good artist with a bright future. Spending time listening to Gods At War would not be time wasted. This album shows a young emcee with potential to become that guy that people not only listen to, but willingly spend their money to see and hear.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 6/10

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