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Review: Eaz – “Silence of the Lames 1.5”


Review: Eaz – “Silence of the Lames 1.5”

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer

Every rapper is looking to do something to leave their mark on the game. With the year of 2017 coming to a close, Eaz is trying to be the one leaving the lasting impression. For a decade, music has been shifting, seeing a lot of rappers like Soulja Boy and Young Thug rise.

However, for each of those, there was always more of a traditional artist to emerge. Now, with the emergence of Cardi B, and her success, it looks like the shift has completed. Where Eaz fits into this is his music being a blend of the old sound and the new sound.

Returning with Silence of the Lames 1.5, Eaz attempts to really set the tone with “NOYS.” However, he comes up just short of that, delivering a “good” track, but clearly Eaz was going for “great.” Overall, Eaz has a sound on this tape that does nothing to separate himself from his contemporaries.

Silence of the Lames 1.5 is filled with tracks that are good to turn up, too, but with a title like that, many would be expecting much harder bars. Definitely, Eaz is a rapper with potential and Silence of the Lames 1.5 is a good listen, but nothing that can’t be found from Meek Mill, or any other artist out here. But, if Eaz keeps this up, he will have a lot of emcees on their toes, because he knows how to make good music.

Rating: 6/10

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