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Is it safe to get excited about the Charlotte Hornets and call them contenders? #BuzzCity


Is it safe to get excited about the Charlotte Hornets and call them contenders? #BuzzCity

charlotte-hornetsBy G Moniy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After last night, it looks like the Charlotte Hornets mean business, but mainstream sports aren’t paying attention. If it helps, Nelly says his vote for MVP is going to Kemba Walker, but he’s a part-owner. Looking at Charlotte NBA history, it is easy to not get excited.


In 2014, the then-Bobcats went on an impressive run and secured a playoff spot. Unfortunately, it was against the Miami Heat during their final LeBron James season. With LeBron returning to Cleveland and the addition of Lance Stephenson, Charlotte had high expectations.

However, a poor start, followed by a ten game losing streak sank the chances of Charlotte returning to the playoffs. With them regaining the Hornets’ name and history, the team failed to deliver. Ironically, they remained in the playoff race up until the final week of the season.

Before last season, the Hornets traded longtime player, Gerald Henderson, to Portland for Nic Batum. They also dealt Lance Stephenson to the Clippers for Spencer Hawes. Because of how poorly they were in 2015, 2016 expectations low, but Charlotte came in and defied the odds behind excellent play from Batum and a career year from Kemba Walker, leading to 48 wins and a classic playoff series in Dwyane Wade’s final Miami Heat season.

Due to being let down in the past, expectations were low, again, for the Hornets. Much of this was due to their scoring trio of Al Jefferson, Jeremy Lin, and Courtney Lee leaving for more money. “Experts” didn’t believe the Hornets could compete with Roy Hibbert, Ramon Sessions, and Marco Belinelli.

Through six games, the Charlotte Hornets actually appear to be a better team than last season. They are currently number two in the East at 5-1 and their 22 point win against Indiana, a projected contender, has people starting to pay attention. Will Charlotte continue the pace, keep delivering, and make it safe to root for this team to win 50 and maybe even 60 games, winning in the playoffs and making real noise?

Maybe, maybe not, but Nelly is voting for Kemba Walker for MVP.

Watch highlights from the Charlotte Hornets’ recent win against the Brooklyn Nets below:

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