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HHV Video of the Week: Drake – “Please Forgive Me” (short film) #PleaseForgiveMe


HHV Video of the Week: Drake – “Please Forgive Me” (short film) #PleaseForgiveMe

pleaseforgivemevidBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Certain artists come into the game and they cause long-term shifts in how things are done. With Jay Z, he brought lyricism to commercial rap and made it cool to wear a suit. Then, 50 Cent made mixtapes mainstream and made people pay attention to album sales.


Drake took the best of all these worlds and made it into something that works for him. In part, Drake’s mixtape success is why the streaming wars have begun. This battle has shaped up to be TIDAL, Jay Z’s service, versus Apple Music, where Drake is at.

Earlier this week, Drake released the Please Forgive Me short film to much success. Like everything else Drake touches, this video has also brought Apple Music millions of views. Going a bit unorthodox, the Please Forgive Me short film is the Video of the Week on Hip Hop Vibe, this week.

Watch Please Forgive Me by Drake below:

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