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HHV Athlete of the Year: Floyd Mayweather


HHV Athlete of the Year: Floyd Mayweather

By Jay Rich
HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer

The biggest sports moment of 2017 belongs to Floyd Mayweather. This wasn’t a decision that was come by easily, either. Looking at the athletes, this year, it was very tempting to name Russell Westbrook as the top 2017 athlete.

However, the difference is that Russell Westbrook is always in good shape, is young, and always delivers. Floyd Mayweather, meanwhile, was well into retirement, and living the life. He had to get back into shape and then take on Conor McGregor.

Given how easily Floyd took Conor McGregor down, he looks like a weak fighter, but he’s far from it. It took a lot more than what Floyd made it look like to get back in that mode and win. Because of how easy he made it all look, he is the 2017 Athlete of the Year.

Watch “All Access: Mayweather vs. McGregor” below:

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