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Album Review: Too $hort – “No Trespassing”


Album Review: Too $hort – “No Trespassing”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before judging this album for its contents, the first word to come to mind is longevity. The average span of a rapper is three years and two albums. One of the first albums released in 2012 is Too $hort’s No Trespassing, the nineteenth release of his career. It was twenty-nine years ago when Too $hort released his first album and nearly three decades later, he is still releasing new music.

A bigger win than the time Too $hort spent releasing records is the recognition he still receives. Without a doubt, most of the rappers he started out with have either fizzled out or moved on to another dream. Obviously, it was meant to be for Too $hort and hip hop, as he has retired and come back. However, he is contemplating calling it quits, once again.

If Too $hort does choose to end things after No Trespassing on a high note. The album continues with his “pimpin'” tradition. Even as he closes in on the age of fifty, Too $hort’s music never ages, with the young men of the current generation able to relate to what Short Dog has to say. Throughout his career, Too $hort has been able to maintain the components which make him Too $hort, this continues on No Trespassing. If a rapper makes it to the third album, most have completely changed their style, unrecognizable from looking at their debut album, nineteen albums deep and Too $hort has remained the same.

All in all, Too $hort still being, not only respected as a vetera, but still appealing to a wide audience, is a testament to the hard work he delivers every time he enters the studio to record an album. Alone, that should be enough for any true hip hop fan to take the time to at least listen to his music.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 6/10

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