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Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Hosts Tonee Marino “Where Was The Love” EP

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Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Hosts Tonee Marino “Where Was The Love” EP

Tonee Marino Drops Vicious Music Video and New EP “Where Was The Love” 

Tonee Marino, is excited to announce his collaboration with Hot97’s DJ Drewski to release his new project “Where Was The Love”. He is no novice to creating timeless music and takes pride in putting new sounds and producing his own beats. “Where Was The Love” project has a self-titled single that touches on Fake love. This particular project expresses that not everyone loves you in moments that you hope. The support you need isn’t really around until they get back to you after they already benefited from you.  Where Was The Love hook says “ Where was the love when I needed u most, but now u wanna show love”. Diving into all of his work and pretty much having no support he still kept the faith and pursued his music career. During the process of creating his EP “Where Was The Love” DJ Drewski had left Tonee with a few words “ You believe in this, you know what you’re doing, I believe in you too. You do your thing, and I’m with it says,  “DJ Drewski”. Tonee states, “He was a support system and he trusted what we were doing”.

Tonee grew up in Suffolk, NY, and graduated top of his High School senior class on the honor but that was not the ceiling for his professional career. Always having a love for music he started to take music seriously at 12 years old and growing traction from delivering consistent cover videos on youtube and to his Instagram to gain attraction. A self-taught and multi-faceted artist who has earnestly started writing and producing his beats on his own in 2018-2019. He stated he is the only one in his family who’s into music or who has pursued a career in entertainment. Tonee combined different genres mixing r&b, reggaeton, drill rap, rap, and dancehall growing up in New York has been a major influence on his sound.  

Listen to the full EP below:
DJ Drewski Tonee
1. All Out
2. New To Me
3. You Can’t Be Us
4. Vicious ft. DJ Drewski
5. Where Was the Love
6. Jefe
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