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1Wae talks “Pacman” success, having his own company, his IG comedy skits, and a dream collaboration with Fred Hammond! | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

Currently, a song that is blowing up, on the local Philadelphia scene, is a track called “Pacman.” With the song gaining momentum, the voice behind the track, 1Wae, is seeing his profile rise. The way it’s looking, the second half of the summer will be strong for him.

1Wae is much more than just another rapper. He has found a way to break through in a way that a lot of emcees never would. On Instagram, he is often sharing comedy skits, which have brought him a lot of views, and a lot of fans.

Recently, 1Wae took a break from all of the entertaining to allow HHV an On The Rise interview. The rising rapper spoke on a wide range of topics. Dig into this to see how he went from discussing “Pacman,” his own company, and the IG comedy skits, to his dream collaboration with Fred Hammond.

Read the entire interview below:

“Pacman” is moving right now and now you making some noise in the Tri-State, how does it feel? It fills good to see hard work pay off, but I have a lot of work still to do! I’m a workaholic, I’ll sleep when I die.

Being an artist today, now you have to build up your own indie grind, what it like to be on a daily grind building your empire? The grind is hard, but satisfying at the same time! To see people, smile, laugh, and become motivated from my music motivates me to keep going! In this business you have to constantly stay encouraged because you can easily lose focus and drain yourself! Being a independent artist takes a lot of the responsibility and decision-making on myself. Music recording, videos, marketing, social media pages, photos, wardrobes, etc!

You have a lot of charisma in your music, and have a lot of music in store, the comedy skits, on IG, are hilarious. Where did you get those ideas? Something I thought about and just moved on the idea. These are comedians I check out on IG, myself. If I ever work with someone, in the future, I got to like there material and them as a person. Just because you have a following won’t be the reason I work with you! I wanted to do something different and I felt like it was.

What do you think about the competitive market in music today, especially in hip-hop, with the internet being oversaturated? I feel like In order to stand out, you have to be yourself, as well as be creative with content! There’s a lot of artists I like and some that I don’t care to much for, but all together, I believe hip hop is in a good place.

What made you call yourself 1Wae, what’s the story behind it? 1Wae is characteristic of mines, when I’m involved in something I go extreme no in between or I don’t involve myself at all.

Every artist has their dream collabs. As you progress and pick up a huge name and buzz, who would you like to work with? I’m a rapper, but my love is R&B. I would love to do a record with Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, Fred Hammond! As far as rappers, I would collaborate with Drake and J Stone, from (All In camp).

Once this new video drops for “Pacman” can we expect some new videos or possibly a new project coming soon? I was thinking about a five minute movie of “Pac-Man,” after the music video! The movie would show you more of what the song is about in detail from a hustlers views not so much focusing on woman! But, yeah, of course there’s more music videos on the way.

Thank you for speaking with HHV, final message for the fans? Appreciate y’all for taking the time to check me out! Follow your boy @official1wae on ALL PLATFORMS! It’s your boy 1wae killin’ on the runway!

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