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Rayshard Brooks’ Murderer, Former Atlanta PD Officer Garrett Rolfe, Granted $500,000 Bond Despite Felony Murder Charge and 10 Others

Garrett Rolfe, the police officer who murdered Rayshard Brooks, on camera, has been relived of his duties, without pay. Currently, he is facing murder charges, and members of the Atlanta police department decided to walk out, in protest of his firing, and arrest. That has sparked outrage, with many, but Georgia Law Enforcement launched a fundraiser for Rolfe, and they have already raised $57,000, on his behalf.

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Rayshard Brooks’ Murderer, Former Atlanta PD Officer Garrett Rolfe, Granted $500,000 Bond Despite Felony Murder Charge and 10 Others

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Garrett Rolfe, the white man who used to be an Atlanta PD Officer that shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, had a virtual court appearance at Fulton County courthouse today. He’s the one who shot and killed Brooks at a Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta on June 12. Brooks ran in fear and was shot twice In the back. Rolfe kicked him after the shooting and Officer Devin Brosnan also stood on Brooks’ shoulders.

Rolfe had the possibility of getting out of jail on bond today. He was being held at Gwinnett County Jail. He wanted a “reasonable bond” due to him being a “longstanding, law-abiding” citizen, and believes he’s no threat to the public or potential witnesses. His attorneys also believed that he’s not a flight risk.

Rolfe adds that there’s “significant evidence that proves he was legally justified in using deadly force in this case.” He also made the wild claim that Brooks committed felonies in resisting lawful arrest. He wanted $50,000 bond, just like Brosnan got.

Judge Jane C. Barwick ended up granting Rolfe $500,000 bond, according to TMZ. $250,000 of it is for the felony murder charge and the rest is for the 10 other charges. Barwick did hand some conditions for him, though. They are to surrender his passport, wear an ankle monitor, follow a curfew, and have no contact with Brooks’ family, other witnesses or other alleged victims. Contact with any members of Atlanta PD is also prohibited.

The Brooks family’s attornies, L. Chris Stewart and Justin Miller, have since released a statement to TMZ regarding the bond decision. They said that they are disappointed that his killer was granted bond today and that they “understand that this is just one step in the long quest for justice for Rayshard.”

“We will be diligent in our pursuit of justice for this family and will do everything in our power to make sure that Rayshard Brooks did not lose his life in vain.”

No murderer should be able to post bond. This is another example of our corrupt justice system defending bad cops in any way. Hopefully, Rolfe isn’t able to post this bond and Rayshard Brooks does get justice in the end with officers heading to prison for a significant amount of time.

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