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Savannah Cristina talks manifesting collaborations with Young Thug & PartyNextDoor, creating music with vibes that are therapeutic, her new successful online business and more

By: Brittney O Entertainment Editor


Recently we came across a newly signed music artist that is a whole vibe for you guys – the vibe of all vibes. We had the opportunity to catch up with Warner Records’ new singer/songwriter/poet Savannah Cristina who is truly on the rise. Savannah Cristina describes her music as “Soul therapy.” The vibe is truly therapeutic.

She just released another beautiful and soothing song with a complementary video entitled “Comfortable” – showcasing her soulful voice, sensual lyrics and alluring tone. Our Entertainment Editor called in to connect with Savannah Cristina and talked about everything from her Twitter obsession, starting an online business during quarantine that has been crazy successful out the gate – to her currently manifesting collaborations with Young Thug and PartyNextDoor.


Check out the full interview below:




Savannah Cristina we are so glad to speak with you today! You are a whole vibe and we cannot wait to learn more about you.

Let’s start out with talking Self-Care. Is this something that you saw growing up in your household or did you learn the importance of it along the way?

SC: It really wasn’t something I saw growing up which motivated me at 22-23 years old to eagerly search for myself. Self-care isn’t taught, especially in urban communities, so It was an organic realization that I needed to take more time out to take care of myself.


You have so much going on, which I love! Recently you tweeted: “I save a bag and make a bag by modeling my own brand.” What is your advice to those wishing to do the same with no clue where to begin?

SC: I really just started a couple weeks ago! It started with my selling kimonos after releasing my single, “Comfortable.” I rocked them the whole time during the quarantine and ladies kept asking where I got it! I posted a challenge for the ladies to post a photo in their cute stay-at-home outfits and so many told me that they didn’t have one! So I decided to make them accessible to my supporters! My fiancée has been key in helping me with it all – we are selling out every few days. It’s been crazy!


Savannah, you’ve been in the game for awhile.. What would you say is your favorite part of being a music artist? Is it performing live, recording in the studio, writing, or interacting with your fans on social media?

SC: It’s performing! When I’m in the studio creating, once I complete a song I feel like Oooh! I KNOW this will be a song for a new show! Everything leads up to how it’s going to play out when I’m on stage. That’s when I can really see how the people are effected by my music. It’s my favorite part.


When was your last performance and where?

SC: My last performance was in February, right before the quarantine. It was in Chicago and it was an amazing show. It was my first time experiencing a city I have never been to before and everyone in the room new the lyrics to my songs. Unforgettable. So excited to get back.


Describe your audience so far. Who is in the crowd?

SC: It’s predominately women – especially women of color. From Hispanic, Black, Asian.. Really diverse. I have some men too. They all have a common goal – to heal their soul and get better. Usually it’s from heartbreak. We all connect to that.


Can you recall the exact moment that you realized this [music] is what you were going to be doing for the rest of your life?

SC: I have my “Aha! Moments” but ..  I think the “Self Care” video going viral really solidified it. I think as a young creative college student still trying to figure it out and still kind of doubting herself –  saw the way that an idea that I executed, a video I directed and song that I wrote, went viral…

No knock to anyone else but I didn’t have to compromise who I was to make that happen or my character. I was like you know what? This is for me. It’s so true, organic and connected to me.


Do you remember how old you were when you recorded in the studio for the first time?

SC: I was 14 or 15 years old and I was dating this rapper. He wanted me to sing a hook for him on his rap song. I had no business singing this hook at this age! Do you remember Floetry’s “Yes” record? That’s what he wanted me to sing. I was super nervous but after I heard myself on the speakers I was like, ooh this is a vibe! I like this.


As a songwriter, do you ever get inspiration by other people and their relationships or issues? Or do you only write from your personal experiences and perspective?

SC: It’s always from what I’m going through personally. I think I’ve only written one song about someone else’s story but other than that it’s my life, my situations, and things that I go through. To be completely honest there are things from my past that I still write about to this day because I’m still healing from it. Trauma from past heartbreaks still come up, even once you’re in position where everything is all good. All of them are based on true stories – if you follow along you can basically piece together the whole story!


What is your favorite social media platform and why?

SC: Twitter! I love Twitter and it’s pretty bad. like writing obviously, I’m a songwriter! I like expressing my thoughts with words. I love to see what’s trending. It’s so entertaining, and I like to see what my people are talking about. I’m on Twitter all of the time.


Have you been in the IG Live rooms tuning into the VERZUZ Batttles? How do you feel about them?

SC: I always miss them! I read about them on Twitter but — Sometimes I feel like the less I know about artists that I admire the better. I Twitter watch everything and just see what everyone is saying about it. And honestly, who is really the winner among artists like these?


What are some other creative outlets that you have outside of music that the fans may not know about you?

SC: I like to creatively direct things but if I think outside of music – thinking outside of music I like to workout! I work out a lot – especially as of late. I was always an athlete in school. During this quarantine I’ve decided to take my fitness journey more seriously so I workout at least twice a day which is something that people may not know.


Do you have fitness influencers that you follow and keep up with?

SC: Currently working out every day with @IamHennesseyFitness has been a big big challenge– he does IG Lives twice a day!  He happens to be my fiancée and has been my biggest motivation every day to be completely honest. I’ve been learning from him.


What are your thoughts about people stating that after this quarantine and being stuck in the house, if you haven’t started a business, written a book, ect then you didn’t use your time properly?

SC: Honestly the people that are saying these things don’t have anything going on. I don’t let anyone pressure me with my time and my journey. I do what I want when I feel like it because everything is in God’s timing. This business started organically, everything in my life is organic. We actually need to be more sensitive towards people’s mental health right now – a lot of people are losing family members, jobs, and opportunities. We need to understand people are really trying to cope with this massive change that’s going on and we should be extremely sensitive to that.


You’re literally that breath of fresh air that we need. Do you have a dream collaboration?

SC: I always say this but there are two people that I really need to collaborate with. It’s surprising but I really love Young Thug. A lot. Like, a lot. I’m trying to manifest that collab.

And PartyNextDoor. Those two are my dream collaborations because they are so transparent, and real and there’s something so authentic about them. I definitely want to work with them.


Do you have any songwriters that you personally admire?

SC: I can bring it back to PartyNextDoor. The Dream is fire as well as Neyo. Amy Winehouse was an excellent writer. I admire the [music] artists that write as well, just knowing the feeling of loving a song and being willing to part ways with it. To know what’s for you and what’s not for you and balancing the two. That’s what I want to do so those are also the type of artists that I admire.


You can find all things Savannah Cristina at: and connect with her on Twitter @saveannah.


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