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Saving Videos From Twitter: 7 Pro Tips on How to Download Videos From Social Media

Do you ever wonder about saving videos from twitter or other social media sites? Here are 7 pro tips on how to successfully download videos from social media.


Is there anything more frustrating than going to show your friends the funniest video you’ve seen on Twitter but not being able to find the Tweet again? We don’t think there is. 


If only there was a way of saving videos from Twitter so you can view them at your leisure. Or, maybe there already is. There are a few apps and websites you can use to download your favorite videos, and we’ve outlined some of the methods below – keep reading to find out what they are.

Tips for Saving Videos From Social Media

It might seem complicated at first, but there’s nothing easier than saving videos off of social media to your phones and computers. Check out these handy tips for different ways you can try to have your video downloaded in no time!


Use Shortcuts on Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can use the Shortcuts app. Download Twitter Video Downloader, and once it’s on your device open Twitter and find the video you want to save.


Press ‘Share’ and then ‘Share Tweet via’. Then go to ‘Shortcuts’, and from there you’ll find an option for Twitter Video Downloader. You’ll then have to choose the video quality you’d like, and then once it’s downloaded it can be found in your Camera Roll ready to view.

Save Videos on Your Android

Another option if you’re looking for how to save videos is to use a slightly different app on your Android device. First, you need to download the Video Downloader for the Twitter app from the Google Play store, and then go to Twitter and find the video.


You’ll need to load the video and then tap ‘Share’. Next, choose Video Downloader for Twitter and, just as with the iPhone, select a video quality but decide on a format too, and then simply download. The video will then be saved on your device.

How to Save Videos on Mac With Plugin

If you’d prefer something to use on your browser to download Twitter videos, the Twitter Media Downloader is a great option. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin you just need to go to the ‘Media’ column of the user whose video you want to download and make sure that you input the ID range of the tweet – you can download multiple videos this way.


Press ‘Start’, and the videos will be downloaded. You’ll be able to find a ZIP file which you will need to unzip for access to the videos, and then you’ll have the videos ready for watching.

Use the MyMedia App

One more alternative is the MyMedia app. Once you’ve downloaded it from your app store, you need to open up Twitter as you would normally. Find the video you’re looking to download.


Just like with the Twitter Video Downloader app, you need to select the ‘Share Tweet via’ option, and then go to ‘Copy Link to Tweet’, which will appear on the Share Sheets screen. 


Then, open MyMedia and click ‘Browser’. Try TWDown or Download-Twitter-Video, input the URL, and simply download the video once you’re invited to by the app. Once downloaded it will be saved in the MyMedia app but it’s ridiculously simple to then save it into your camera roll. 

Try out SaveTweetVid

If you haven’t had too much luck so far, it’s worth trying out the website SaveTweetVid. It’s similar to the above method, as you press ‘Copy Link to Tweet’, or copy the URL if you’re in your browser rather than the Twitter app. 


All you need to do from here is paste the URL into SaveTweetVid’s text box, and select the ‘Download’ button. Again, choose the video quality you’d like and then it should start downloading automatically and save to your device. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you’re using a smartphone, one of the apps mentioned above might be a little easier to maneuver.

Other Social Media Sites

We’ve been focusing on Twitter so far, but what happens when you just can’t get that video from Facebook or Instagram out of your head and you need to show it to your friends? Fortunately, you’ll be following similar steps.


Starting with Facebook, there are myriad websites and apps available to download videos with, including Getfvid and Video Downloader to Facebook. Focusing on Getfvid, you just need to copy the link to the video on Facebook and paste the URL into the text box and press ‘Download’, just like on SaveTweetVid. 

You are then asked if you’d like to download in high-definition, standard, or even convert to MP3. 


Moving on to Instagram, the method is much the same as Facebook and Twitter, but with slightly different websites. Try a resource like DownloadGram or Instaview – first, you need to select the three-button menu on the post you’d like to download, and then press ‘Copy Link’. Then, you’ve guessed it, you paste the URL into the text box on the website, and click the ‘Download’ button – that’s all there is to it!

Keep Legalities In mind

Although we’ve focused more on the practical side of saving videos off of social media, you should also be mindful of the legal aspect of this. Of course, copyright laws differ from country to country, so it’s worth checking this out before you get downloading. Sure, a video might be free to download, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got the right to take it. 


If it’s your own video, or you know that you’re allowed to download it, go right ahead! Just make sure that you won’t get into any trouble while doing so. 

Saving Videos From Twitter

By now, you should know how to save videos from social media in a number of ways. Saving videos from Twitter and other social media sites is incredibly simple when you know the quick fixes. 


Copy the link to the video into your favored app or website and then choose the quality and format – it really is that simple!


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