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The Benefits of Knowing How To Create Your Own Beats

The art of DJing is well-respected nowadays. DJs are indispensable in clubs, parties, and festivals, as they create an energetic ambiance, not to mention that their music encourages everyone to dance. However, gone are the days where DJing was only about mixing tracks. In 2020, fans expect DJs to be able to create authentic beats. Anyone can simply mishmash tracks, but true artists come up with their own music. Although you might think that this is hard, especially if you are a beginner, creating your own beats entails many benefits. So, if you are on the fence about it, check out the following list to know all about the advantages of producing original tracks.

You Get to Understand Music Better

While mixing is definitely fun, it does not really teach you anything about how music is created. On the other hand, the creativity and deep understanding that go into creating your own music are simply unparalleled. So, instead of mindlessly mixing tracks, you will find yourself spending more time analyzing them to understand how beats operate and come together to create a single unit—a track. Nonetheless, using your laptop when mixing will not help you understand music better. You need to understand that finding the right DJ equipment is essential if you want to come up with original beats; this is why you should opt for vinyl records when expanding and developing your style. While they might seem outdated, many tracks are exclusively released on vinyl, which will help you become more exposed to different genres. When looking for record players, go for models that can play MP3s and change records into the MP3 format, as such models are more convenient than the traditional ones that do not let you change the format of your albums.

You Get More Exposure

Maybe you do not really dream of making it big and just enjoy being a DJ, which is totally fine. Yet, you should think about the future, especially if you want to solely focus on DJing instead of your typical 9-5 job. Mixing tracks can make you popular in your local club and can even help you land some gigs, but what about worldwide fame? DJs who make their own tracks are far more popular and influential than DJs who only mix music. Original music means more exposure, which is never a bad thing! Although making your own music may have a steep learning curve, it is certainly worth it; you will be able to land better gigs and expand your fanbase.

You Gain an Edge Over the Competition

The music scene is full of thousands of aspiring DJs who all dream of making it big, which can make it a fiercely competitive field. So, how can you stand out? Well, doing the same thing that everyone else is doing will not help you. You need to create your own brand of music that reflects your personality. This is the only way to gain an edge over your competition, not to mention that it gives you more space to hone your skills and spark your creativity.

You Get to Tell Your Story

Music can be a great outlet; many artists draw on their real-life experiences when creating their music. Thus, coming up with authentic beats does not only help you tell your unique stories, but it also makes your audience relate to you. Most popular tracks have inspiring stories behind them. Therefore, if you opt to produce your tracks instead of using someone else’s, you get to do all that in addition to getting more exposure as well, so it is a win-win!

You Get to Become a Real Artist

Let’s be frank, being a DJ is not as hard as it used to be. You only need good software and royalty-free tracks, and boom, you are a DJ! On the other hand, producing original tracks is hard, but it elevates your status to a real artist. Also, the better your music is, the more respected you will become as a DJ. Of course, this will translate into better opportunities and income. When you are respected as an artist, someone big in the music industry is bound to notice you, which should be your goal.

Although it might be easier just to mishmash tracks together, you have a better chance of making your big break if you produce your own music. Not only will you have full control over your music this way, but you will also become more respected in your field, land more gigs, and make more money. So, do not let fear hold you back, and start creating your own beats!


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