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5 Ideas for Promoting Your Music

Independent publishing of music has become incredibly accessible to undiscovered and up and coming artists, thanks to the many different options available. The internet makes discovering new music and being discovered yourself very different from the way it might have been 20 years ago, but that doesn’t mean those old school ways don’t still work. Here are 5 quick ideas for ways to promote your music in the 21st century as an aspiring artist.

Get Social

You should be on every social media network you can find, especially Instagram, because getting seen and heard is going to be your biggest challenge as a new artist. Newer and innovative social media networks like TikTok are also valuable, as they present a very different and new audience that you can expose your sounds and work to. Leveraging the power of people sharing what you create is incredibly important when you’re starting out. Don’t forget that it might be worth spending some money on advertising and riding the wave of any content being shared – if you need to, consider same day Loans from LoanPig.

Get Seen

Online video sharing platforms like YouTube are where a number of incredibly successful artists have been discovered, like Justin Bieber – perhaps the most famous example. Create videos and record yourself performing for publishing to these video sharing platforms. Get yourself seen in every way you can.

Get Booked

Don’t turn your back on the small venue scene. Play anywhere you can as often as you can. Get yourself booked to play in bars or small venues so that people can hear your sound. When you play these gigs and have people hear your music in person, you should have promotional material with you to push them to your social media too so you can grow that online following.

Get Online

Create a website, or get a website created, and update it often with gig info, new music, new videos and anything else that you’re creating. Your following and those interested in what you’re doing need to know what you’re up to, so if you can, create a mailing list too. Communicate with those who are interested in what you’re doing as often as you can.

Get Heard

Upload your music to services like Soundcloud and other music sharing and discovery services. These services are great for getting your music to an audience who are already receptive to new artists and music.

You might not be paying your dues in small crowded venues to get noticed by a record label’s A&R rep anymore, but that doesn’t mean making it as a musician is any easier now than it was then. You’ll still need to put in the grind and the work every day to get your music heard. It’s about building a following that can share and spread your work to their friends. You might be noticed by a producer or label or you might not and rely on income from your following to make it – you can make a career from music in many different ways.

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