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7 Eye-Opening Hip Hop Dressing Insights to Help You Remain Trendy

Looking forward to joining the hip hop industry? Here are 7 eye-opening hip hop dressing insights to help you remain trendy.


Hip Hop fashion has come a long way since Kango hats and gold medallions. Hip hop and street style have dominated runways since the mid-90s. Some notable designers that incorporate hip hop dressing include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. Recently brands like Gucci, Givenchy, and Balenciaga are making more streetwear pieces. If you want to stay on top of hip hop fashion trends, you’ve come to the right place. Today we break down the latest styles in hip hop streetwear.

1. Sneakers

An essential part of hip hop dressing is the right pair of sneakers. There are many styles to choose from — from running shoes to canvas shoes. Choose the best shoes that fit your personal style. Some staple brands include Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. You can even splurge on a pair of luxury sneakers like Balenciaga and Off-White. 

2. Invest in the Right Designer Brands

Not everything you wear needs to be a designer brand. However, it’s good to have a few statement luxury pieces. The brands you choose could make or break your look. Stick to designers like Gucci, YSL, and Louis Vuitton. While it may be tempting to go out and purchase counterfeit luxury goods, we don’t recommend this. Knockoffs are obvious and unappealing. We recommend going to trusted retailers. Skip the kiosk at the mall and shop Saint Laurent bags at SSENSE.

3. Loose Not Baggy

A common misconception about hip hop fashion is that everything needs to be baggy. However, this is far from the truth. Modern streetwear incorporates relaxed fits. More and more high-end hip hop brands offer more pieces that have slim fits and straight legs. Not only are these silhouettes more comfortable but they’re flattering, too.

4. Simplicity is Key

Another myth about hip hop dressing is that it’s flashy and ostentatious. While this may be true for the superstars, it doesn’t apply to the everyday person. You don’t have to wear expensive brands from head to toe nor do you have to rock a diamond-encrusted grill. Mix and match high-end with low-end pieces. An easy way you can do this is to choose a creative statement piece and style your outfit around it.

5. Outdoor Gear is Everything

The one thing hip hop fashion icons have in common is being decked out in high-performance outdoor gear. The whole utilitarian style and structure have become a permanent fixture in hip hop fashion.

6. Graphic Knitwear

Pullovers featuring unique designs have been a staple in hip hop fashion since the 90s — thanks to Biggie. Brands like Off-White, Raf Simons, and Balenciaga are becoming known for their eye-catching knitwear. 

7.Bucket Hats

This trend died out for a few years but it’s making a major comeback. Bucket hats are the best compliment to your street style look. Not to mention, its a trend both men and women can wear. 


Hip hop dressing has evolved over the years. Long gone are the days of baggy clothing and flashy jewelry. Modern street style is more pulled together and relaxed. How will you rock these hip hop trends?

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