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Jada Michael Drops Official Video for “Freak”


Jada Michael Drops Official Video for “Freak”

Alternative R&B singer-songwriter Jada Michael has released her confident and sultry single and video empowering listeners to embrace their inner “Freak.” The R&B singer embodies pure authenticity and we just can’t get enough.

Written about an intimate night with her boo, the sultry production of “Freak” sizzles underneath seductive verses before she makes a bold declaration on the hook. Her voice slips from moments of under-the-covers intimacy right into the charismatic chorus. Without filter or fear, Jada unapologetically projects a confident spirit within her music anchored in a body-positive, sex-positive, and self-positive presence underscored by an inimitable alternative R&B brew.

“Being the most authentic version of yourself means everything to me! Freedom is our greatest gift and I believe it is important to exercise that as often as possible. Music and sexuality are some of the most magical abilities we have to express our freedom, mostly because they are fun as hell!,” Jada shared. “I hope the vibe and lyrics of ‘Freak’ will put listeners in a mood to feel in touch with that fun and freedom. Imagine flirting on your boo, feeling like the baddest bitch in the universe and dancing like Teyana Taylor: that’s what I want for all my listeners.”

Jada’s music has amassed over two million streams independently and initial compositions “Beautiful” and “Special” caught the attention of high-profile GRAMMY® Award-winning producers and musicians such as the late LaShawn “Big Shiz” Daniels [Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez], Novel, Adrian “Drop” Santella [Diddy, Pitbull, Kanye West], and Bart Schoudel [Selena Gomez].  Produced by “Big Shiz,” Jada’s lead 2019 single “Breathe” tallied 1.1 million YouTube views and 244K Spotify streams with broadcast support from BET. On its heels, “Coolin’ It” put up 473K Spotify streams and counting.

When the Reno-born and Miami-based songstress grabs the microphone, all eyes immediately lock on her. Empowering audiences by wholeheartedly and courageously showing herself, Jada strives to represent plus-sized women, LGBTQ women, and black women. She is proud of her body type, sexuality and skin and wants her listeners to feel confident through her music. Jada started singing at just three-years-old. Inspired by Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ella Fitzgerald (thanks to her dad), she diligently developed her voice. Moving to Miami at the age of twelve, she divided her time between choir and musical theater, penning her first songs in junior year of high school. Studying Jazz Voice at The New School in New York City, she carefully crafted a style of her own upon returning home.

We got to ask the budding superstar some questions about “Freak,” her process and more.

What is the secret to your confidence?

JM: My secret to confidence is gratitude. I am a healthy, powerful, life-creating entity, sis. No matter the appearance of my physical form, I’m smiling.

Tell us about the inspiration for “Freak?”

JM: My inspiration for “Freak” was truly just good vibes and feeling sexy! Being in tune with your sexuality, wanting to show that off to your person is good for the soul.

What was your inspiration for the music video?

JM: The music video for “Freak” is about catching that sexy vibe with your personality and being bold about it. I just wanted to keep it colorful and sexy.

What is your creative process for songwriting?

JM: My creative process for writing varies from time to time. Sometimes ill write a poem and bring that to the studio. Sometimes ill hear the beat first and go off the vibes I get from the track. Sometimes the lyrics and the music come together at the same time. I love that it is always different.

How does “Freak” differ from your previous singles?

JM: I think it differs by it being a bit unexpected and mature. I am forever changing and that will show in my music, so I hope to not be categorized. R&B has my heart but pop, house and a number of other vibes are also apart of who I am.

What’s next for you?

JM: I have BIG plans for the future. An EP with hopefully self-directed videos are heavy on the brain. This song is a step in the right direction but since then life has provided some really powerful experiences. I have a lot I’m itching to write about.

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