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How to Know If You’re Singing in Your Real Voice

Wondering how you can become a good singer using your real voice? The starting point to becoming a wonderful singer is to discover your vocal range so that you know how you can moderate it to belt sweet tunes. You can sing with your real voice or you can use a fake voice depending on different cords of the music. The following vocal tricks can help you know if you are singing in your real voice. 

How to know your voice

The voice that is closely associated with your speaking voice is normally regarded as ‘real.’ Most people speak from the chest and the voice is familiar since they use it every time and it has a somewhat solid and heavier tone. On the other hand, fake voice also referred to as head consists of a higher pitch and we rarely use it in our daily speech.  However, both head and chest voices constitute your ‘real’ voice since they have resonance and pitch. 

Both head and chest voice constitute your vocal range and this is the major reason why they are considered your real voice. The head voice has a higher range and the chest voice has a lower range. A mix between high and low vocal ranges helps to bridge the gap between these two types of voices. Therefore, the notes of music determine the type of real voice that you are using, since it can either be high or low. 

What is your vocal range 

It is essential that you discover your vocal range so that you know whether you are singing with your real voice or not. To do this, you need guidance from a professional vocal coach. The experts at Become Singers will help you realize your singing voice with their advice on how you can sing in different styles of music. There are different singing scales that start from the lowest to the highest note that can help you know your real vocal range. 

To find out your vocal range, you can use singing scales beginning from the lowest note till you are not able to reach a higher note. The singing scales are divided into seven major types of voices that include soprano, alto, mezzo-soprano, tenor, countertenor, baritone and bass. 

To determine your real voice, you should note the scales so that you can sing more clearly. You must also consider the point when it becomes challenging to continue hitting the notes. This is the point where it can be difficult for you to determine the type of voice that you are singing in. 

Alternatively, you can use special apps that you can search for on the internet that can help you find your vocal range. The apps identify both the lowest and highest notes that you can sing comfortably with pitch. In other words, your vocal range, at any point when you are singing, is your real voice. 

What is your tessitura

To determine your real voice, you should also find your tessitura, which is described as the range where your voice is at its best.  You are more comfortable singing at this range, but you can also hit low or high notes. However, your voice can produce certain notes relatively easier and with greater power. When you find this point, then you should know that this is the best spot for singing in your voice. 

It is crucial that you pay attention to the notes of the songs that you can sing comfortably. However, you can also expand the notes that you can sing with enthusiasm and power once you have discovered your real voice. 

Consider When To Use Chest Or Head Voice

The other thing that you should consider if you are singing in your real voice is finding out whether you are using a chest voice or head voice. When you are singing in low tones, then you would be using a chest voice, while the head voice is for higher notes. It is also possible to use a blend between these two types of voices when singing particular songs.  You can also alternate between high and low voices to suit the type of music. 

To determine if you are singing in your real voice, it is essential to find your vocal range first. Both head and chest voices are your real voices, and you can moderate them to sing comfortably. The point in which your voice can sing comfortably and produce a sweet tune is your real voice. The essence of singing is to belt out beautiful music, so you must find the best voice to achieve that.   

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