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Dubgee talks “Let The Music Heal Me” single, his record label, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

As the years go by, an increasing number of artists have been going at things independently. Like many, Dubgee had goals of being a rap star, and, for business, he went independent. This has led to him getting more involved in the business aspect of the game.

Dubgee’s label, Beast Van Records, was involved in the release of the last Kool Keith album. But, Dubgee returned with his own new music, currently promoting his “Let the Music Heal Me” single. With his new music out, Dubgee is currently in promo mode.

Recently, Dubgee took the time out to speak to HIP-HOPVIBE.COM about his latest moves. During the interview, he discussed his single, and his label. For those trying to break into the game and make money, by their own rules, this is definitely an interview worth checking out.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you talk about the inspiration behind the song, “Let the Music Heal Me?” So much of rap music talks about violence and misogyny. I really wanted to flip the script and talk about what makes music special to all of us. When we sing in the shower or dance like nobody is watching, we are really taking a small opportunity to fill our being with something that makes us feel good about ourselves. “Let the Music Heal Me” is really a positive affirmation that you can “whisper to yourself” while listening quietly, you can belt it out in shower like Tiago (who killed the hook!) or feel those breakbeats and dance. Dancing and singing is an amazing way to express yourself and let loose and I really wanted to provide a soundtrack for that.

I have also included a subtle panning technique called brain entrainment. When you listen close and follow the hard panning of the bass line and strings it can help synchronize the left and right parts of your brain and stimulate brain waves depending on the frequency/speed of panning.

Can you tell us at about the label Beast Van Records? Beast Van Records is an indie label based in East Vancouver, Canada. The goal was really to have a business to promote myself, as an artist, but since coming into a little bit of capital, I have decided to use that money to build more rap infrastructure and support the local hip hop scene. This past year, I was proud to be a sponsor of the KOTD and Smoked out Battle Rap leagues, and created the Beast Mode artist showcase series.

So many artists, in this era, are creating their own labels and then avoiding the major label system. It;s a do it yourself era now, what your think on major labels now? Technology has empowered so many independent artists to take control of their own destiny, as an artist, but it still remains that you need money to play the game. I don’t really think major labels have a place in a genuine music industry but nobody is going to stop the big players from doing what they do. Which is continue to pour money into blocking out smaller artists from receiving the shine they need to have a successful music career.

Do you have any other artist on Beast Van Records? Right now, we currently have Vancouver O.G. and music festival legend, Emotionz, who just released his album Gems, on Beast Van. We are working on an E.P. with Kapok produced by Astrological (who also worked on Emotionz album) and a double sided battle breaks and cuts / instrumental E.P. with DJ Wunderkut. We also had a hand in releasing the Kool Keith album Saks 5th Avenue, in November of last year.

What next up for Dubgee? As an artist, the follow up to my current album, Truth, with my alter ego, Doug Tree, entitled Lies, and as a label owner, I am just trying to expand the network and get more eyes and opportunities on Beast Van and it’s artists.

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