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Jayson Tatum Dunks All Over Al Horford!!!!

By: BallUpLegend

Al Horford used to play for the Boston Celtics and he was known as a Philadelphia 76ers killer. His old Celtics teammates love to get the opportunity to play him and tonight’s game was no different. The Sixers have beaten the Celtics every time they have faced them so it’s easy to see that the Celtics would take this game personally.

In the first quarter of the game between the two teams Jayson Tatum drove to the hole and dunked all over Al Horford. The Celtics have come out this game with something to prove. Tatum exemplified that notion with a game stopping dunk.

With a whole other half to go the Sixers have closed in but the effects of the Tatum dunk are still all over Twitter. Horford’s name is currently trending with everybody chiming in on the massive dunk. Tatum made a statement that sent shockwaves around the internet.

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