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Jhené Aiko Announces New Album “CHILOMBO” is on the Way [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem

With the very welcomed release of her most recent single ‘P***y Fairy (OTW)’, Jhené Aiko has confirmed the news aall of her fans have been waiting for. The Los Angeles songwriter recently announced in a new music video that her next project is on the way. Entitled “CHILOMBO”, her legal last name, Jhene is set to release this album in February.

This past Tuesday Aiko shared a simplistic music video for P***y Fairy. It featured the singer showing off her some nice dance choreography. In a interesting move, the video had certain facts about Jhene and the record “pop up” on the screen throughout the runtime. So expect some heavy and emotional concepts when ‘Chilombo’ premiers. Try not to get too into your feelings.


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