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Raz-B Says He’s Working On Getting B2K Group Back Together

By Prince Hakeem

The fallout from the shady love triangle between Omarion, Lil Fizz, and Apryl Jones has left everyone distraught and upset about what it’s done to the B2K group. When B2K reunited for their most recent run on the Millennium Tour, it was hailed as a great moment in hip-hop/R&B culture and lore. B2K was the standard back when it came to boy band heartthrobs in the early 2000’s. A whole generation of screaming female fans, who now are grown women, were raised on their music. So to see the destruction of this group, just as they were found a new life within the current trend of nostalgia, was disappointing.

While all have seem to write off the possibility of the group reuniting after the drama involving Lil Fizz dating his former bandmates baby mother, there’s at least one person who’s holding out hope. Raz-B has revealed that he is working on getting the group back together. Responding to a comment left by Ginuwine under a picture of the group he posted, Raz-B exclaimed to his R&B mentor that he’s working in making it happen.

While we’ve seen crazier things happen, many are doubtful if anybody can repair the damaged that’s been done in this situation.

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