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Marc E. Bassy and blackbear Drop Music Video for ‘Just My Luck’ 

California based singer and songwriter Marc E. Bassy and hip-hop artist blackbear have teamed up to drop a carefree music video for their track ‘Just My Luck’.

Watch the video here

Coming off his sophomore album PMD, ‘Just My Luck’ is a symphony of hip-hop beats and heartfelt lyrics unraveling a story of a problematic relationship. As shown in the visual, viewers find Marc E Bassy post-bicycle accident after he leaves a lively house party. Joined by his counterpart blackbear, who effortlessly raps through numerous rooms in the party, the two are seen enjoying their moment in time – drinks in hand – until inevitably ending the night on a rough note.

San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based artist Marc E. Bassy has made quite a name for himself. Composing hits for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, Allen Stone, and pop princess PIA MIA, founding the chart-topping pop group 2AM Club, and releasing his 2017 debut album Gossip Columns have all broken him into the scene as a respected and sought-out artist. In addition to his impressive back catalogue of hits, Bassy has also launched his own label New Gold Medal as well as released his sophomore album PMD, a deluxe version of which will be dropping soon.

Native Angeleno hip-hop artist blackbear is a wearer of many hats. First coming onto the scene as a rock-leaning singer/songwriter and writing hits for the likes of Justin Bieber alongside James Blake and Mike Posner, blackbear has since reinvented himself as a rapper and more R&B-oriented singer. In his career, he has released four studio albums, six EPs and one mixtape.

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