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Tommy Davidson comes for Jamie Foxx in New Book “Living In Color”

Comedian/Actor Tommy Davidson, known for his start in the 90s with iconic comedy hit show “In Living Color” is due to release a book playing off the name of the show “Living In Color” January 28th, 2020. Sources have shared that in the book, Tommy is spilling the tea on his experience working alongside Oscar-winning actor and longtime “friend” Jamie Foxx.

Davidson claims in the book that Foxx was extremely competitive and borderline “mean” whenever they worked together on set – sharing that Foxx would even go off script at times attempting to embarrass him! Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams shared with her audience this week that she feels this is the type of energy it takes to become a Jamie Foxx. She hinted at the level that Jamie Foxx’s career has catapulted in comparison to Davidson’s career.. and well — truly there is no comparison.

Williams will be reaching out to Tommy to have him as a guest on her show to learn more about the Davidson vs Foxx drama. After the book release I’m sure we will be seeing more interviews with the comedian to spill more tea.

Is this all just propaganda for the actor/comedian to generate book sales? Will this cause public controversy between the two “In Living Color” icons?

Only time will tell!



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