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Joe Budden Says He’s Not Doing Any New Music with Slaughterhouse Until They Cut Ties From Shady


Joe Budden Says He’s Not Doing Any New Music with Slaughterhouse Until They Cut Ties From Shady

By Prince Hakeem

Recently appearing on the ‘My Expert Opinion’ show, Joe Budden gave an update on the status of his relationship with Slaughterhouse. If you remember, before his self imposed retirement and transition from rapper to media pundit, Joe was a prominent member of the Eminem-led Slaughterhouse rap group. That experiment didn’t result much due to business schedules in between projects. Buddens always seemed too busy or disinterested during his career transition. Things definitely came a screeching halt when the Jersey City rapper dissed Eminem on his podcast a few years back, claiming her was better than him.

Well fast forward to this latest interview in 2020 and it seems that there may be hope for Budden to get back on the mic with his Slaughterhouse brethren. When asked about his individual relationships with the group members, he had this to say,

“Those are my brothers and I love them,” Budden said of his relationship with his former collaborators. He did admit, however, that he doesn’t speak to them regularly. “Royce just did the podcast, I spoke to him,” Budden added. “I haven’t spoke to Joell, but he just like a picture a few days ago and I liked one back, so I know me and him are fly. The same with Crook, man. Those are my guys forever.”

When it got to the topic of getting back with the group musically, Budden alluded to a shift in his mentality over the years. He explained that he didn’t want to have his work monetized by someone else. He wasn’t going to give his effort towards something that was there before him. In short, he’s not doing any music with the group if Eminem and Shady Aftermath are going tot benefit from it.

“We can put this together, y’all can’t monetize it until we do, and that’s how I act. So, nah, I’m not putting nothing out with Slaughterhouse unless Slaughterhouse is away from Shady and we own our own sh*t.”

Even though Eminem has been sending shots his way over the years through several songs, Joe Budden is still refusing to talk about him.

That has nothing to do with me. Don’t ask me about Em. Has zero to do with what I just said. He is not a factor in what I am saying. What I am saying is solely related to my brothers. Now, how it gets wherever it gotta go is not on me. It’s lawyers and things for that to happen but that’s a me thing.”

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