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Kanye West Says “Jesus Is King 2” Album With Dr. Dre is Coming Soon

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Kanye West had a huge day in Houston yesterday as he visited Joel Osteen’s huge Lakewood Church. He attended an 11am service where he was interviewed by Osteen about his faith in God and he was there at 7pm where his Sunday Service choir performed.

West also made headlines at the end of October for releasing his highly-anticipated ‘Jesus Is King’ project which was also his ninth studio album. It was gospel-inspired and didn’t have any profanity in it. Now, it looks like the sequel is on the way.

West took to his Twitter to say that Jesus Is King Part 2 is coming soon. It’s unknown if Dre will drop off some verses on the album but it’s likely that he will produce all of it. Fans of hip-hop should definitely view this as an epic collaboration. Hopefully, Dre will convince West to not be MAGA anymore too.

Check out Ye’s announcement of Jesus Is King II with Dre below.

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