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Instagram removes popular “Following Activity” tab from the app

By Bossyy Staff Writer

The success of Instagram is really something to pay attention to. This social network ended up overtaking Facebook and Twitter, in some ways, but was acquired by Facebook, early in the game. But, the growth happened when TwitPic was still a thing.

Not only did Instagram become the most-popular way for people to communicate, celebrities also flocked to it. That led to the biggest shift in the history of entertainment media. Instead of blogspots, bloggers went to Instagram to make their free blogs.

However, with the virality of Instagram, these free blogs became far more successful. Much of this is due to the activity tab, which has the “following” tab, under activity. But, this morning, Instagram decided to update that, ending that feature, and creating a huge dent in entertainment, and Insta-stalkers.

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