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Issa Rae Acquires Stake In New Streaming-Media Data Startup Company

By Prince Hakeem

As actress-producer Issa Rae is gearing up for a new season of her hit show ‘Insecure’, the show creator is now expanding her business empire. It was recently reported that Rae has acquired stake in a new start-up tech company called Streamlytics.

Led by tech entrepreneur Angela Benton, Streamlytics is an analytics company that uses first-party media consumption data to bring transparency to what people are streaming. The objective behind this service is to inform consumers on what they are consuming and how they can monetize from it, bringing clarity these many of these companies do not provide.

“With the overwhelming number of issues around data privacy as of late Streamlytics is excited to be at the forefront of helping consumers to actually own their data, and then decide if they want to monetize it. Streaming, in particular, is a rich, yet often overlooked area for user data privacy.” Benton said.

This new frontier for Rae is a notable one, further signaling a shift within progressive Hollywood elite to diversify their business interests towards the technology landscape.

“Having Issa involved as an owner is beyond exciting. Her pioneering work as both a creator and as a businesswoman creating digital-first content that has transcended the Internet-only medium aligns seamlessly with our company’s core values on ownership.” Benton said on Rae’s involvement.

Seems like perfect synergy for content creators and innovators to partake in. I’ll definitely check it out myself.

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