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4 Luxury Accessories Every Woman Born In November Should Have

Women are known to be experts at multitasking, especially those born in November. Whoopi Goldberg, an Academy Award-winning actress was born in November, and so is Indira Gandhi, India’s first female prime minister. Some women juggle a career and family life, while others make time for charity and non-profit advocacies. Nevertheless, rewarding women’s efforts by splurging on themselves from time to time is just alright.


As the old saying goes, a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Come to think of it, women are like diamonds, sharpened to shine. But apart from diamonds, a mystic topaz jewelry is also perfect for a lady born in November. This is a sacred crystal made from natural stone, coated with natural metal. If not diamonds or topaz jewelry, perhaps the most luxurious jewelry brands will do. Harry Winston’s collection provides the best gemstones while Cartier is known to be the jeweler of the royals. Nevertheless, every woman born in November should at the very least have a piece of luxurious jewelry.


Nowadays, purchasing a luxurious bag brand is no longer considered a splurge, but rather, a form of investment. Even with a hefty amount, the demand is still high for a Hermes bag. Hermes already offers different bag designs and hues, but they are also open to bespoke and custom-made bags. A Hermes bag in topaz will surely be an eye candy. Chanel is another luxurious brand that is world-renowned. A Chanel purse is also a good investment because it can even be pawned. It goes without saying that a girl born in November need to have a luxurious piece of bag that can be an investment with a positive return in the long run.


A belt completes an entire look, making or breaking the overall appearance. Belts are primarily used to prevent large trousers from falling off, but nowadays, there are instances wherein it is the focal statement of the outfit. Fendi, Prada and Gucci top the list of the most luxurious belt brands. Prada even offers a belt design with topaz crystals in the buckle, making it perfect for a lady born in November. In line with this, a luxurious belt is a must-have for a lady born in November to complete her every look.


Who can resist a Patek Phillippe custom-made wrist watch embossed with topaz crystals and diamonds? Or course, not a November-born woman. But with a price range of $15,000 up to a million, having this timepiece might need to take a back seat. Nonetheless, Tag Heuer or Rolex is other luxurious brand that offers state of the art timepieces. A woman born in November should have a luxurious watch that is both classic and timeless as her beauty is.

In conclusion, no matter what month a woman was born in, it is important to practice self-love. For some this may mean traveling to a place of solace or indulging in a quiet time. For others, this entails the need to splurge on themselves from time to time.

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