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Comprehensive Tips on How to Become a Good DJ

We live in an age where DJs are no longer looked down upon. Nowadays, being a DJ is considered to be a profession of its own, and the proof is in the pudding. Many DJs are making a ton of money solely by travelling the world playing at world-renowned clubs and music festivals that are slowly taking over the music scene. So do you have a passion for mixing music and a dream to go out there and spread your vibes by producing and mixing your favorite tunes? If so, read on to discover a couple of comprehensive tips that will guide you on your way to becoming a good DJ.


Before you get on to taking on the actual guidance to learning the tricks of the trade, you first need to determine what kind of DJ you want to be, because there are a couple of areas that you can specialize in. 

  • Entertainment DJ

This kind of DJ caters to special events such as weddings, birthdays, and promotional events. The kinds of music played will definitely be more commercial and you’ll want to pay attention to what the latest popular music and singles are in the market for your given audience.

  • Turntable DJ

Dealing with the turntable focuses on beats and how you can play with them on the turntable as you play to a live audience.

  • Club DJ

This is the most popular kind of DJ as they are the ones who get to travel around the world if they break into the scene. You will either be into producing your own tracks, or finding a number of tracks and regardless, you will have to understand how to mix them in a way that they transition, and of course, keep the crowd screaming for more for a considerably long time.

  • Radio DJ

The radio DJ caters to the masses but within a specific genre, feeling out what the latest hits are and being able to read that the majority are bound to vibe with the track you are playing, as well as being able to interact with people as you play your tracks.


Once you’ve determined which area of DJing you would like to specialize in, the next step is to take a course that caters to teaching you how to use specific software, as well as how to use turntables. If you want to learn to DJ correctly, then it’s important that you follow a few simple rules for yourself, as well as find yourself a course to talk along with the basics. The basics include listening to a ton of music, understanding beats, as well as being able to manage software like a pro so that you are able to make the transitions correctly.

The logistics are all well and good to follow. If you are passionate about music, then DJing will not be too much of a difficult career to pursue. You just need to be aware that it’s important for you to discipline yourself in a way that keeps you extremely knowledgeable about the latest software that allows you to create and produce unique and exciting music. You need to understand what people love and also see how you can break new ground if you’re eager to introduce a new sound. DJing is always a work in progress because music is always changing and evolving. The trick is knowing how to marry your knowledge of the logistics with the flow of beats, transitions, and hitting people in their emotions with your sounds.

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