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Dress Up Your Phone: 5 DIY Phone Case Ideas

Want to add a custom look to your phone? Here are a few cute DIY phone case ideas.


If you are tired of the same old run of the mill phone case, we have found a way to spruce things up for you with three letters … D. I. Y! In case you didn’t know, D.I.Y. stands for Do-It-Yourself. That’s right, through Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts there are countless new and inventive ways that you can decorate your phone case and have it stand out from the pack. To show you just how unique and visually appealing a DIY phone case can be, we are giving you five Do-It-Yourself phone case ideas that are sure to have you swooning! Get ready for all your friends to have phone envy!

1: Glitter

Creating a DIY glitter phone case is easy. All you need is a clear phone case, whatever color transparent glitter vinyl that you choose, a craft knife, and a silhouette cameo or electronic cutting machine (optional).

In case you do not know what a silhouette cameo is, it is the ultimate DIY machine. A silhouette cameo is a cutting machine with a small blade in it that you can use for crafting.


To create a normal DIY glitter phone case, first cut a piece of holographic vinyl that is the same size as your clear phone case. Then, press the piece of vinyl down into the back of the phone case. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles that pop up in the vinyl while its inserted into your phone case. After you cut the vinyl and press it down into the back of your clear phone case, use your craft knife to trim any necessary edges. Once you perfectly fit and place the glitter vinyl into your clear phone case, you are done! Now all you must do is carefully place your new DIY glitter phone case around your phone so all can see how glamorous your phone looks.


If you want to add even more pizzazz to your DIY glitter phone, print out and cut some triangle patterns out of different colored transparent glitter vinyl with scissors, a craft knife, or an electronic cutting machine. Then grab a weeding tool to cut off any unneeded space. Next, paste the glitter vinyl triangles on the inside of the back panel of your clear phone case in any design you want, and wala! You got yourself a DIY geometric patterned glitter phone case.

2. Washi Tape/Duct Tape

If you are looking for ideas for easy DIY your phone cases, look no further than washi or duct tape. Washi tape is a mixture of Japanese paper and masking tape. What makes washi tape such a low-stress craft material is that it is easy to change and take off and on as you please.


Washi tape is also very affordable. Thus, you can buy tons of different colored washi tape and frequently change the design on your phone case without feeling guilty. Simply, pull off pieces of washi tape in whatever color you like and place it on top of an opaque white phone case in whatever design you choose, and you will have a high quality looking DIY phone case. An even cheaper DIY phone case material alternative to washi tape is duct tape. Like with washi tape, purchase duct tape in different colors and place strips of it on an opaque white phone case in any design you choose to have a unique DIY cell phone case.

3. Buttons

Another easy and affordable way to create a DIY phone case from scratch is to do it with buttons. All you need for this DIY project is a clear phone case, a variety of colored buttons, glue, and a sealer. To create a button phone case, simply glue down buttons on the inside or outside of a clear phone case and seal it with a sealer. You can purchase buttons for a cheap price at any craft store or craft department in a store.

4. Pressed Flowers

This unique DIY cell phone case idea is perfect for those that want to have a phone that appears gentle and girly. To create a Do-It-Yourself pressed flower phone case, you will need parchment paper, markers, pressed dried flowers, a solid white phone case, clear craft glue, tape, scissors, a ruler, a thin-tip permanent marker, a timer, 2 clear plastic cups, 2 wooden craft sticks, 50/50 clear-casting epoxy resin, acetone (or nail polish remover with acetone), and Q-tips.


To create a pressed flower phone case, you will first need to decide how you want your dried pressed flowers arranged. Once you decide on an arrangement, place a small amount of glue on the largest dried flower and carefully glue it to the outside of your phone case. Do the same thing with all the other dried flowers until you complete your arrangement.


Next, you will need to prepare the resin. Resin is a sticky, flammable and organic material secreted from some trees and plants. Resin is insoluble in water. To prepare your resin, you first need to put a ruler inside a plastic cup and mark the cup twice using a thin permanent marker. The first mark will be a 3/8 inch up the cup and the second mark will be a ¾ inch up the cup. Then, set a timer for two minutes and slowly pour your resin up to the 3/8 inch line on the cup.


Because you purchased 50/50 epoxy resin, there will be a bottle designated as resin and a bottle designated as resin hardener in your package. Mixed together, the resin and hardener will form a solid-like material. Once you have poured the resin to the 3/8 line on your plastic cup, slowly pour the hardener to the ¾ inch line on the cup.


Now, start the timer and stir the resin and hardener together in the plastic cup for two minutes. Once you’ve completed this step, set the timer to one minute and pour the mixed resin contents of the first cup into your second plastic cup and continue stirring until the timer goes off. Once you’ve stirred the resin content for another minute in the second cup, let the cup of resin rest for five minutes.


Then, slowly pour a small amount of the resin onto the center of the outside of your pressed flower-filled phone case. Spread the resin around all over the top of the dried pressed flowers on your phone case with a craft stick. Then, set the case down on parchment paper and let it dry.


If any resin spills over the edges of the phone case, dip your Q-tips in your acetone and clean up the edges of the phone case with them. Once dry, add a second coat of resin to the pressed flower phone case if you think you need it. Once your final coat of resin is dry, you are done! The result is a natural, beautiful, and unique flower-covered phone case.

5. Bohemian Tapestry

If you consider yourself a hipster, you will enjoy this phone case style. To create a bohemian tapestry phone case, purchase an inexpensive phone case, thick bohemian tapestry fabric, ribbon, embroidery thread, glue, needle, pen, and paper. Next, simply use the materials to sew together a bohemian looking tapestry phone case that you like. If you are a good sewer, you can even start your own bohemian tapestry business for custom iPhone cases.


Now that you know different ways to make a DIY phone case, feel free to learn how to make other things through DIY. Whether it is phone cases, clothing, or accessories, you will be surprised what you can create for an affordable price on your own. To learn more about DIY and anything else that could influence style and entertainment, check out all the other articles on our website.

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