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Kash Doll Announces October 4 Release Date For Debut Album, “Stacked”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Kash Doll has slowly made her way into the conversation of being one of the best female rappers in the game. Leading up to 2018 she had serious label issues that prevented her from releasing the music that she wanted. Last year though, she signed a major record deal with Republic Records and had a hit single for herself with “Ice Me Out.” Two projects that she dropped in 2018 was her “Brat Mail” mixtape and “The Vault” EP. She was also on Meek Mill’s “The Motivation Tour.

2019 has been solid for herself as well as she’s released her “Hustla” and “Kitten” singles featuring Lil Wayne. Kash Doll is now ready to put out her debut album as she announced the name would be “Stacked” last month. Tonight, she took to social media to announced its release date.

Kash Doll said on Twitter that she’s going with an October 4 release. She added that it will be less than 24 songs. Expect her to put out a few singles this month for Stacked and the official tracklist to drop a few days before its release. Check out the album release date announcement below.

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