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Eric Reid Calls Jay-Z Despicable For Becoming Part Owner of NFL Team

By Prince Hakeem

The fallout from Jay-Z’s recent move with the NFL is still making headlines, with many being split in opinion. Recently it was announced that Hov’s Roc Nation has fostered a longtime partnership with the NFL. In this new relationship Jay-Z and Roc Nation will now become advisers on major NFL performances like the Super Bowl. The deal also includes major collaborations regarding social and racial justice.  As apart of their “Inspire Change” initiative”, Jay-Z along with the NFL and the Players Coalition will focus on combatting social issues. The initiative focuses on three causes in particular: “education and economic advancement; police and community relations; and criminal justice reform.” On top of this partnership, it was also announced that Jay-Z is set to become an majority owner of an NFL team.

While all of these developments initially was met with praise and congrats, there’s actually been a lot of dissent and backlash aimed at Jay-Z. Key individuals within Colin Kaepernick’s camp have blasted the Brooklyn rapper for teaming up with the league. Most notable individual being Eric Reed.

Reed has blasted Hov’s attempt at ownership despicable. Speaking to a group of reporters in front of his locker, Reed called into question the way Jay-Z is aligning himself with the league despite his support of Kaepernick in his blackball situation. He even alluding to Jay being close to becoming at sellout.

The problem for people on the opposing side of this decision is how Jay-Z is doing all of this at the cost of Colin Kaepernick. At this point, it’s been more than confirmed that the NFL blackballed Colin from the league due to his peaceful protest against police brutality. While the league has confidentially settled with both Reed and Kaepernick, many are still criticizing them for the treatment Colin has endured by teams. So for Jay-Z, who’s shown solidarity and support for Kaepernick, wearing his jersey during a performance at Saturday Night Live, this move comes off as opportunistic and disingenuous.

The general consensus is that Jay-Z is capitalizing for NFL money using the sacrifice of Colin Kaepernick as a vehicle to get there.

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