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What Do You Need For Music Production?

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What Do You Need For Music Production?

Over the years, music has been evolving right from composition, production, distribution, etc. In this guide, you will be able to learn about the essentials of modern music production. As a matter of fact, right now music is even more accessible than before. And there is a lot of music that is being put out there each day from all parts of the world. The main reason behind this fact is that music production tools are easily accessed now more than ever. Even on a tight budget, you can still procure basic music production tools to enable you to produce, edit, mix and master your music professionally. With technological advancement, musical instruments that were used before are being replaced by programs. As an independent artist or producer, you can set up a simple yet professional studio at your home and produce quality music. But, what do you need for quality music production? Read the guide below to get edified on the necessities of professional music production.



A computer is a device that is being used in almost every aspect of human life. However, a computer that is used in music production must be special. The modern way of producing music involves a more digital approach. A computer is literally the main tool for producing music in these contemporary times of music evolution. Make sure you invest in a desktop or laptop computer that is compatible with the rest of the studio hardware and software. Therefore, ensure your computer has enough storage, better processing and displaying ability. Digital music production requires a maximum workload, ability of your computer system. To be precise, a decent music recording system must have at least 500gb storage, 8gb RAM, 64-bit operating system and above 2GHz processor. Remember to take care of your computer, regardless of the make since even apple products can get viruses. Last, ensure that the computer supports the kind of software you will be used in audio production. 



Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is always evolving to a more simplified digital studio setup. It is actually a complete studio that is being installed on your computer in terms of the software and plugins. The DAW offers a recording environment, music instruments, audio design platform, and a mixing arena all in one. You need to be careful when choosing your Digital Audio Workstation. Some DAW programs are designed for certain computers. Therefore, before you buy a computer make sure you know the kind of DAW program you are comfortable working with. Some of the top and well-known DAWs are; Ableton Live, Fruity Loops Studio, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Bit Wig, Studio One among others. Some people use one for making beats and another for recording and editing vocals. Therefore, your choice on the DAW will depend on your personal preferences and user ability. Remember that these programs are purchased in different bouquets.

Midi controller

Also known as the midi keyboard, it is used to play virtual music instruments that are incorporated in the DAWs. With the midi controller, you don’t need a fancy one. Also, make sure you invest in a midi interface if necessary.

Quality headphones

In professional music production, a quality pair of headphones is a must. Headphones are very essential in recording vocals and general audio production. Some people also prefer headphones in mixing and editing vocals. A decent pair of headphones gives the chance to listen closely to every bit of instrument and vocals that are fed into the Digital Audio Workstation. For professional audio production, there are essentially two types of studio music cans that are meant for particular tasks. The two important pair of pro audio headphones includes the closed-back and open-back headphones. Therefore, when choosing a quality pair of headphones ensure that you consider the design, series specifications, performance, and most importantly comfortability.

Audio interface


An audio interface is an important tool because it helps to knob input and output functionalities of your music production session. Make sure it is compatible with other hardware tools of the studio. Therefore, choose a higher track count audio interface for better recording experiences. 

Studio monitors


A pair of studio monitors plays a huge role in music production. They help you to have a first-hand feel of what listeners are yet to hear. Therefore, invest in a quality pair of studio monitors for making, editing and mastering your music.



Finally, get a top-quality mic for capturing vocals, which are then transmitted to the DAW workspace via the audio interface. Investing in a quality microphone helps you to record the best quality vocals for professional music production. 


As you can see, music production does not necessarily require sophisticated instruments. Once you are able to buy a quality computer, reliable DAW, and other tools as highlighted above, you will be all set to record and produce quality music.

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