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Broke But Brilliant: How To Afford A Home Studio As A Starving Artist

You want to set up a recording studio at home.  It seems like such an expensive venture for a starving artist. You take months to plan, research, and prepare yourself.

Setting up a home studio can actually be far easier than you imagine.  All you need is to get all the basic essential equipment to start with.

Start small and grow steadily to avoid getting overwhelmed. This allows you to start immediately and start working even with a tight budget.

Here are some of the ways a starving artist can afford to acquire professional studio equipment.

  1. Rent Equipment for a Home Studio

Consider renting the expensive professional equipment that you will need once in a while. Some of the studio equipment like studio monitors are a must buy as you start. But some of the equipment like preamps that are required for specific sessions can be rented.

Before purchasing equipment, ask yourself, do I use it often enough to justify buying it? If your response is no, find a reputable local source that you can rent from. This way, you can still run a home recording studio with minimal capital.

  1. Buy in Bulk

As you start, cutting costs is likely to be your first priority. Buying in bulk provides a chance to cut the cost per unit. This reduces the total cost of acquiring studio equipment. It also reduces the shipping cost for the items since you pay at a go. Make a wish list for all the equipment need. Buy in bulk to save some cost and get started with the capital you have.

  1. Buy Used Gear

Buying used equipment allows you to drive a bargain on the price of the product. Some used gear can be in good condition and are way cheaper than buying from the store.

The only concern is that the equipment may not be under warranty. Some producers are usually looking to let go of equipment that they no longer need. Such equipment is not always in bad condition.

 Look for such a sale, bargain, and you may end up acquiring high-quality equipment for a low price.

  1. Take a Loan

Loans are a way to get the finances you need to buy equipment for your home studio. However, this is only advisable if the equipment will be an asset that will make you capital that you can use to pay off the loan.

 You can access a short-term, cost-effective loan from payday loans online direct lenders. Such loans give the advantage of quick financing that can help you get started immediately.

  1. Use a Dedicated Distributor

When purchasing your studio equipment, find a distributor who is dedicated to selling studio equipment.

 The customer support is most likely to be good. They will have the expertise to guide you to the equipment that best suits your needs. This will save you time and money.

Setting up a Home Recording Studio

For an artist who does not have access to unlimited funds for setting up a home studio, it does not mean that they should let go of their dream.

It is still possible to get all the essential equipment with limited capital. All you need is to understand the ways you can use to bring together the equipment you need cost-effectively.

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