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Harmoney and DougieDaGod Are Heating Up The City All Summer With Their Latest Release “High Demand”

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer

From streets of the concrete jungle are cousins and Sauce Mobb members, Harmoney and DougieDaGod. Their latest release, “High Demand”, an eight track project is heating up the city and sure to have something for everyone this summer!

When it comes to Dougie, his creativity and artistry is motivated by real life experiences and inspirations. Harmoney’s artistry is also influenced by real life experiences and different cultures, enabling him to push the boundaries and hone his craft. His wordplay is versatile and deep, its wide range of lyrical content can serenade the ladies yet be hard hitting and gritty for the streets. It’s effortless for him to hop on any DougieDaGod track, considering he makes beats for lovers of all genres. Dougie’s lyricism is more fun filled with a hard hitting execution, allowing you to have fun with the record yet relate to every word.

Sauce Mobb produced tracks by Dondre Dennis and Jewan Beats, “Ride” ft. Choppo loco and “Texas” are upbeat with unique elements in the production, setting themselves apart from many mainstream sounds.  DougieDaGod-produced tracks “Put In Work” and “Y.N.L.” are definitely summer party worthy. Though Sauce Mobb knows how to turn up, tracks like “TBH” which was produced by fellow Sauce Mobb producer, Jay Cornell, and “Bankroll (prod. by Dondre Dennis) give versatility to this project.

“High Demand” had a lot of creative masterminds behind it as it was mixed by Harmoney, executive produced by DougieDaGod, Mastered by Ricky Large and was recorded at Th1nk Tank Studios. The cover art and track-list was designed by digital marketing creative and professional graphic designer, Envy Nick of Envy Designs.

Ready to transition from making music as a hobby to doing it professionally, these multi-talented artists give fans a collection of versatile songs to bop to as the weather heats up.

“High Demand” tells a story of what it’s like to be them: their experiences, lavish life in the entertainment industry, and all that comes with it. Dougie constructed a couple of the beats, Harmoney made the melodies, and the two collaborated on the lyrics and execution for this summer masterpiece. The overall project took a few weeks to curate as Dougie and Harmoney stayed in the studio heavy cooking up new music for beats they were already sitting on.

When asked what are there favorite tracks and/or verses off the project this was their responses:

HarmoneyMy favorite song off the project would have to be “TBH” only because that song was really from the heart. I was low key in my feelings during the process. The line that sticks with me everyday is “I cheated my way through high school so my diploma fake”

Dougie“TBH” hits home for me in a different kind of way. But  my favorite song of the project is “Ride,” I woke up and recorded that in one take. My favorite lines are the start of my verse, “They say I got some problems , I say I got some more , I got a bad bitch , but I love the hoes , I got some niggas that’s around me that just wanna eat the energy until the 30 squeeze turn them niggas into memories”

Rap cousins DougieDaGod and Harmoney keep up the momentum as they continue to work on new music. Dougie is working on a solo project titled, 88 Miles. As well as the two are collaborating on a few more forthcoming projects as Harmoney has over 200 songs in the vault. So keep an eye out for more new music set to drop in the fall!

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