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Reality TV Star Benzino Caught on Video Telling Female Cop to ‘Suck My D**k’ as He’s Getting Arrested

By Prince Hakeem

Ex Love and Hip-Hop Star Benzino ran into a bit of trouble with police causing his arrest for an outstanding warrant to be alot worst on bodycam. He did not help his situation when he started cursing out a female officer who was on scene detaining him. He claims that it was all racially motivated from the moment he was stopped.

Via TMZ:

Benzino blew up on a couple of cops when they hauled him for an outstanding warrant … and his escalation to all-out tirade was captured on a police bodycam.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Benzino was pissed from the get-go about the incident, because he believes the cop who ran his tags racially profiled him.

When the second officer — whose body cam vid we’re seeing — arrives and explains police can legally run his tags for any reason, Benzino gets snarky, saying … “I didn’t know that I could just be harassed for any old reason.”

The former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star adds … “Would you all pull a white person over like that?”

We broke the story … Benzino got busted Saturday outside Atlanta. His outstanding warrant was for failure to appear in court for a no insurance ticket he got in April.

Benzino’s snark turned to outrage … and then just plain old rage when the cops tell him the warrant is all over a prior traffic stop. That’s when he started hurling f-bombs, and getting handcuffed only amped things up.

He ended going absolutely ballistic on the female officer, yelling, “Suck my d**k!” … and threatening to sue her. Benzino’s shouting and cussing — from the backseat of the police car — drew the attention of a female onlooker. It’s unclear if she has any connection to Benzino.

As we told you, he was arrested, and a few more issues came up in the process … but he was eventually booked and released.

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