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Meek Mill Becomes Co-Owner of Sports Apparel Giant, Lids

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Meek Mill was just nominated for Best Rap Album for his fourth studio album “Championships” at the BET Awards. While he didn’t take home the award, there’s no denying that Championships is arguably his best album to date and 2018’s best as well.

Outside of music, Meek is known for speaking out against social injustices in America such as with starting his REFORM organization with Jay Z, Sixers majority shareholder Michael Rubin, and Patriots majority shareholder Robert Kraft. Now, the MMG star is branching out into owning businesses as he’s now the co-owner of giant sports apparel retailer, Lids. This is after making a large investment, according to Business Insider.

“I’ve been shopping at Lids my whole life, wearing hats, fitteds, of course, fitted hats and caps, all types of hats,” said Meek. “In our culture, it’s been a big thing. So, it was something I ain’t have to think twice about and always believed in, that it’ll work.

Meek realizes that he has a lot of influence and at Lids, he wants to integrate the hip-hop culture more in the company. He thinks the way hip-hop markets hats can be utilized the same way at Lids.

“First thing we do in merchandise in hip-hop, we sell hats, we sell all types of things. And, you know, I have the leverage to actually bring the two together even more. I know they’ve probably collaborated before, but you know, bring the culture, and get it involved more.”

Recently, Fanatics took over Lids and now Meek has a huge share in the company. This is a power move for him. Sports fans shop at Lids daily and the company has many stores in shopping malls all over America. Congratulations to him and don’t be surprised to see Meek invest in more businesses in the near future.

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