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Top Venues for a Hip-Hop Concert in Decatur, GA

The hip-hop scene in Decatur, GA is one of the best in the country, and the venues are equally impressive. If you live out of state or in one of the luxury apartment communities nearby, catching a show should be high up on your list of priorities. We’ve put together a top-5 of the must-visit venues in Decatur for an incredible show. 


  • Terminal West


Terminal West has been around for almost 8 years, and each year is better than the last. It’s an intimate location that hosts names both big and small on their main stage. Parking is easy, convenient, and inexpensive, and the drinks are fairly priced. The up-close, small stage brings your favorite artists into the fray, making the experience feel more like a personal concert than a huge show. There’s a lot to love about Terminal West.


  • Tabernacle


History, aesthetics, acoustics, and style—what more can you ask for? Tabernacle is an old Baptist church built over a hundred years ago, but that doesn’t stop it from booking some of the newest names in hip-hop. There’s no bad seat in the house for the 2,600 capacity audience whether you’re on the 2nd floor VIP area or on the main concert floor. The drinks can be a bit pricy, but the incredible concert experience is worth every penny. 


  • Eddie’s Attic


If you’re looking for underground, up-close, and full of character, Eddie’s is the place for you. Everything from the artists to the sound quality is top-notch in this downtown Decatur sweet-spot. When you want to check out rising talent or even just open mic night and a cold beer, come on down to Eddie’s. 


  • Aisle 5


This venue is a staple of the community and definitely one of the best in the Atlanta and Decatur area. The concert floor and surrounding area are clean, the staff is incredibly courteous and knowledgeable, and the sound system is without peer. Aisle 5 generally hosts smaller, local concerts, so if you’re into high-energy shows and the underground scene, Aisle 5 can’t be beaten. 


  • The Masquerade


The Masquerade is one of the prime locations for great hip-hop shows at fair prices. It can be found at The Underground in Kenny’s Alley. Drinks are cheap and the acoustics are great, so if you don’t mind that it’s a tightly-packed venue that can get a little warm, the artists are worth it.