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Apple draws criticism for charging $1,000 for monitor stands

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

To have the best, pay for the best, right? This is what Apple has lived by, beginning during the original Steve Jobs era. Just as much of an inventor, as he was a businessman and an innovator, Steve Jobs built a brand that has lived close to a decade, since he passed away.

Apple is considered a more premium alternative to such companies as longtime rival, Microsoft. The company has charged thousands more than their rivals for a higher quality product. With their phones, Apple aligned with all the major services to allow for their high prices.

When Apple was unveiling their new computers, which are available for $5,000 and $6,000, depending on which choice, they also revealed the price of the monitor stand. This is what has the people very upset, because they feel the price is ridiculous. For their XDR Monitor Stand, Apple is charging $1,000, facing much criticism.

Source: CNN

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