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Uni-G talks being a veteran in the game, sticking with a record and working it, and when his next project drops | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

The grind never stops, even when a person is on top of the game. It takes a lot of effort to get over that hump, especially where the music industry is concerned. Grinding it out, over several years, is Uni-G, and fellow rising rappers need to take note.

Uni-G is a veteran in the game and he is patient with his music. This patience has paid off for him, over the years. With his standout single, “Swerve,” Uni-G worked that song for three years, during that time the video got 300,000 views.

Recently, Uni-G took time out of his schedule to do an On The Rise interview. Here, he explained how he has managed to build himself, over the years. He would discuss the Welcome To My Universe album and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

You’re a veteran in the game, can you tell us about your new material? Currently I’m preparing to release a ton of new videos from my Welcome To My Universe project. Including “Summertime Party,” “Catch A Vibe,” featuring Caleb And the Culture etc.

Since you’ve been in the game, the business has changed. How have you used these changes to your advantage? Well, I realized that the biggest change to the game is being able to easily connect with the fans via social media, so I take at least an hour or to everyday and connect with my Unites. I feel being present on social media is a vital piece of the puzzle.

How important is it for artists to stick with a record and work it, to ensure it becomes at least a moderate hit? I think it is immensely important to stick with a record and work it until the legs fall off. I pushed my “Swerve” single for three years until I felt it got its just-do and currently I surpassed 200k views collectively on several social medias and YouTube and I still feel I can do more!

Thus far, you are pushing the “I’m On” record, how big do you predict this record will be? I think the “I’m On” record will be huge! With the right push and targeted at the right audience I believe it’ll allow listeners to see my lyrical side and with the visual see my creative side.

When do you think you will drop that third album? I already have my third album in the works, before I announce and or release it I want to be sure I pushed Welcome to My Universe to its fullest extent, I want it to be the Section.80 for me!

Where can fans connect with you on social media? My Unites can connect with me on all social medias @iAmUniG or on my website

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