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Police Capture Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Eric Holder In Bellflower, CA


By Prince Hakeem

Hip-Hop Vibe Staff Writer 

The man suspected of shooting and killing rapper Nipsey Hussle has been arrested by police.

According to the The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Eric Holder, was arrested by authorities in Bellflower, CA. The police have been on a manhunt for the 29 year old since he was named a suspect in the fatal shoot of Nipsey Hussle this past Sunday. He was arrested sometime before 1:30pm.

Known on the streets as ‘Shitty Cuz’, Holder was a known informant among Crip gang circles. Nipsey apparently knew him, and the two had a tense conversation in front of Hussle’s Marathon store in the Hyde Park area. Nipsey told Holder that he wasn’t welcomed at his place of business, most likely because of his reputation as snitch gang member. Holder was allegedly told to go and bring ‘his papers’ to prove he was a snitch. He then subsequently returned and opened fire upon Nipsey and two other individuals. He then ran off and got into a 2016 Chevrolet Cruz being driven by an unidentified woman.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore had this to say of the fatal shooting.

“Mr. Holder walked up on multiple occasions and engaged in a conversation with Nipsey and the others that were there. He left and subsequently came back armed with a handgun, and purposefully and repeatedly fired, striking and killing Nipsey Hussle.”

It appeared to be a personal matter between Nipsey and Holder. More details to come.


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