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Here’s The Fitness Gear Bodybuilders Use To Get The Best Results


Here’s The Fitness Gear Bodybuilders Use To Get The Best Results

Are you an avid gym goer? Love long distance running? Struggling to meet your goals? Fitness gear is a great way to help you get there.

The fitness industry is booming. It generates over 80 billion dollars a year. This rise in the industry encourages fitness companies to create new gear to help athletes and those that love to exercise reach their goals.

The Best Fitness Gear

Let’s take a look at the hottest fitness gear on the market today. Using gear helps you achieve your goals faster, regains strength after injuries, and make you look cool.

Lifting Belt

There’s a reason you see CrossFit athletes and powerlifters wearing lifting belts. When you get into lifting heavy amounts of weight, the weight puts a ton of stress on your lower back and core. Lifting belts stabilize your spine to help avoid injury. With this item, you can safely add more weight to your lift without comprising form.

Running Arm Sleeves

If you’re a runner, compression sleeves for your legs and arms are important for blood flow and circulation. Promoting circulation helps your muscles to stay limber, not get stiff, and allows for faster muscle recovery.

Running arm sleeves are great for long runs, especially in the winter, but are also great for other sports. These include tennis, golf, baseball or cycling!

Hydration Bladders

Going on a long bike ride, hike, or run? Having a hydration pack and bladder may be your saving grace. Instead of having to lug around a water bottle in your pack, there are backpacks made to carry hydration bladders, while equally distributing the weight across your back. They vary from 1L up to 3L so you won’t run out of water.

Phone Sleeve

Do you listen to music while you’re exercising? Wireless headphones are becoming more popular, but what do you do if you don’t have any? There are phone sleeves that go around your upper arm. You place your phone in the sleeve and can still touch and control it through the plastic. 

You never have to drop your phone, or constantly be wondering if you left it near the squat rack or the dumbbells again.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are a great tool to have if you’re working on cardiovascular health. A heart rate monitor shows you if you’re hitting your max, and when you hit the fat burning range. It also makes it possible to accurately calculate calories burned during your workouts.

If you’re doing intense exercise on a consistent basis, heart rate monitors are a must for safety.

Get Your Gear Today

Now that you know a few options of popular fitness gear, deciding what’s best for you depends on the type of exercise you enjoy.

Whether it be running sleeves, compression wear, heart rate monitors, lifting belts, special shoes, or accessories for your phone – you’ll experience workout enhancement.

Interested in staying up to date on other fitness and sports news? Check out our blog today!

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