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ReyMarie talks motivation, mental health, success of her single, “Delicate,” and more | HHV On The Rise

By Jay Rich
HHV On The Rise Staff Writer

Being an independent artist is a struggle, within itself. There are countless artists all fighting for the same position. Mostly, the stigmas of indie acts are about rappers, as it’s not as frequent that aspiring R&B artists are plentiful.

ReyMarie is proof that they do exist and she’s been making her presence felt for some time. Playing the game by her own rules, she recently experienced levels of success. Promoting her single, “Delicate,” she has done huge numbers on Distribute Kings.

Recently, caught up with ReyMarie, for an On The Rise interview. She discussed the struggles she has gone through in order to reach her goals. The rising star also opened up on her history, battling mental health, and the recent successes she has had with her music.

Read the entire interview below:

In the day and age of the internet, what are some challenges you’ve run into, pushing your music as an independent artist? I started making music since 2014, whether it was making music or songwriting. It was a challenge finding different ways to get my music heard and to reach a bigger audience. Because of that, I felt that maybe I just was not good enough. I am this new artist and I guess people are skeptical and want to see if you are consistent. It was only just recently I found more effective ways to promote my brand and it shows with my song, “Delicate.”

Can you describe some of the pros and cons of having social media as a potential aid, helping you to gain exposure? Social media is definitely a big help in reaching a huge amount of different people and that helps to expand your work, however everyone is using social media for different things so it is easy to get lost in the mix. You see stories all the time where people wonder why someone was not heard of years ago and that is probably the reason.

This is a question often asked, but only because it is a real thing. How do you deal with haters? Honestly, I just ignore them, or I laugh. The people I grew up with gave me tough skin, so I really could care less what someone says. Most of the time, it is jealousy and they are trying to get a rise out of you. Do not give them the satisfaction.

When the times get hard, what keeps you motivated? God, my music, and my husband are the three main things that keep me going. I put my music second, because that is what I had before I met my husband. There will always be bad or dark times whether you’re famous, non famous, rich, poor, etc. It does not matter. I do a lot of writing and praying to express my feelings. Getting those feelings out is relieving for me.

In your Instagram bio, you mention being an “Aspiring Mental Health Advocate,” can you tell us more about what makes you want to bring more awareness to mental health issues? I aspire to be a spokesperson for Mental Health, because of my own battles. I was diagnosed with Mental Health disorders when I was around 17 years old. I never really felt I had the support I needed from the ones that were closest to me, but I still manage anyhow. There are others out there that have worse situations than me and I do not think it is fair for them to not have someone to talk to or even relate to. Mental Health is a real issue and I think it is overlooked so much. I want to be a voice and speak my truth because it can help someone else.

Now, to your actual music, you have your song, “Delicate,” which has drawn a lot of attention. Why do you think people have gravitate towards that record? “Delicate” is an empowerment and inspiring song. That was my intention when I wrote it. I came from the perspective of a quiet and gentle person but just because someone is that way does not mean that are weak. That is a huge misconception and this and age I think it is important for people to feel empowered and encouraged from time to time. Life can be tough so we need that pick me up every now and then.

Do you intend to follow up with a full project, built around that song? Eventually, I will produce a full album along the lines of empowerment, but for now I am focusing on my single and getting more exposure for myself. I have a huge amount of songs and now I am focusing on marketing myself.

With the first quarter of 2019 coming to a close, what are your plans for the rest of the year? Along with marketing myself, I am increasing my knowledge about the music business, and will most likely take a few courses in school. I look forward to connecting with and collaborating with more artists during school and also on social media.

Can you let us all know where we can find you on social media? To find my music and more info about me:

Follow on Twitter @HipHopVibe1.

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