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Fly High With The Hottest Trends Of 2019

By M.A.C. Staff Writer

We are not even half way through 2019 and the hottest trends are jamming all over the world. Waving goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 has changed fashion and its specs. The fact of 2019 resolution has added to the fashion trends of the year. Everyone is having new hopes and creative thoughts on making fashion changes to get out of their old wardrobe.

Color Bursts of 2019

The thing about 2019’s color scheme is that it is somehow different than the years before. The existence of color trends is undeniably there. However, they are not with the usual colors that we have seen throughout the past couple of years. Color trends of 2019 are lighter and brighter in their shades, unlike how poppy and obvious they used to be. The colors are simply subtle with softer hues. This resemblance indicates a very recognizable soft appearance.

Back in Black

The ultimate color for every hot trend- black, started by Jay-Z and Beyonce, on their tour, last year. The color of a fancy and luxurious style. It beats everything else around with its amazing simplicity. One of the hottest trends in 2019 is to go all black from head to toe. It is known to make you pop out and grab people’s attention. In 2019, it is mainly known that black everything is the trend. Like for example, black tulle frocks to give off the LBD vibe. Another black hot trend in 2019 is the black leather accessories that instantly catch your eye. The black is an attention grabber due to the fact that people used to think of anything as colored or even brightly colored. They even try to make beliefs that any color is the new black, but the color black will always have its preserved elegant value.

Old is Gold

A widely known fact is that old is gold or oldie but goodie. However, old fashion has evolved now into modern things, but it still has its sense of identity. Considering the hippie style of the 60s and 70s, it is now strongly back as one of 2019’s hottest trends. It has evolved though. Modern hippie style is known to be easy breezy and fluffy. Designers in 2019 are aiming to make them more sensual, languid, and warm in colors. The more of these features you have, the more bohemian the trend looks.

The Must-Have

There are several items that a person cannot easily let go of in their fashion style. One of these items is the casual everyday shirts. They are easily chosen, very stylish for a quick pick, and come in very fashionable designs. Interesting fact, if you’re a pilot and looking for some of the hottest trends of 2019 for casual shirts, then has saved your day. They have a wide collection of aviation themed shirts that would be very cool for you to wear as one of the hottest trends in 2019. Many people enjoy wearing stylish shirts that express their passion and things they do or love doing. That is why a pilot or a future pilot to be would be interested in one of those aviation themed shirts.

Another item that a person can’t go out without is a pair of jeans in his or her wardrobe. Jeans have evolved pretty much through the years, but they are this one thing that you cannot replace or choose something else over them. Jeans are known to be the backbone of every wardrobe in every room. The stages of jeans evolution are very interesting as it went from flared to super skinny to ripped and so on. One of 2019’s hottest jeans trends is the button-ended jeans with the fading color. It is very stylish and yet simple one way or another.

Neonic but Calm?

Neonic colors of 2019 have gone to a different path than the usual. People were used to the popping neonic color that seems to be as if it glows in the dark. In 2019, the hottest trend of neonic colors has changed. It has become more quiet in a way. It still has its identity, but in a less popping vibe.

2019 Fashion Flight

The hottest trends in 2019 are the evolved old trends. Think of them as an airplane trip that you take to fly away on a new journey or experience. You get to do the exact same things just as you do while being on a flight for the first time. You try new things that you like, you discover new things you did not know, and most importantly you enjoy what you are wearing.

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