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R. Kelly’s Streams on Spotify Increase by 16% Following Premiere Of #SurvivingRKelly

By Tamantha Staff Writer

While most of the world was disgusted and saddened watching the premiere of Surviving R Kelly, his remaining fans were busy downloading and streaming his music. Not only is he currently trending on Apple Music, but his streams are currently up 16% on Spotify.

Via The Blast:

A rep for Spotify tells The Blast the “Ignition” singer’s streams have increased 16% since Lifetime aired part 1 of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Thursday night.

The bump is interesting, considering the rocky past between R. Kelly and Spotify. Back in May, the global streaming giant announced they were removing R. Kelly’s music from all of its owned and operated playlists as part of an updated policy to stop promoting artists who have been accused of “hateful conduct.”

Spotify later backtracked from the ban after receiving backlash for supporting other artists who had been accused of sexual assault while singling out Kelly.

“Surviving R. Kelly” has gained major attention by showcasing former friends, employees and even family members speaking candidly about R. Kelly sexually abusing not only women, but young girls. Stars likeJohn Legend and Wendy Williams have attached themselves to the project, even appearing on camera to talk about the allegations.

I don’t understand how this man still has fans after everything we know.

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