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Many #Instagram Users Negatively React to New #InstagramUpdate

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer


Following the holidays, Instagram users got up early Thursday morning to scroll through more holiday photos from family and friends. While doing so, some users experienced a not so user-friendly update causing them to have to tap or swipe through a horizontal scroll interface. Everyone whose phone automatically updated itself with the new horizontal interface complained about how unappealing it was and how it made it harder for users to utilize.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing service introduced the new update and quickly received backlash.I guess you can say there was sort of a digital stance held to have Instagram to flip the update back to normal. If you ask me, the same way everyone stuck together to go against Instagram about the new design, we really can make change! Following shortly after, Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, took to Twitter to tweet out that it was supposed to be a test design for a small amount of users but turned out to have went broader than anticipated. After the “bug was fixed,” the original design of the app returned and long time users couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Check out some reactions from users and celebrities below:

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