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Get A Look Into the Life of Balt Getty in Official Video for “Money”

Get ready to turn up the bass with this one. Recording artist, DJ and award-winning actor Balt Getty just released his new single and music video for “Money” featuring Nevve and Devante. In the video, the multi-talent maverick is giving us an insight into the dope life that is Balt Getty. Check it out below

The luxury-anthem illuminates the expanse of Getty’s sound and vision between a glitchy beat as Balt and Devante trade bars as Nevve’s voice strikes pure gold on the hypnotic hook, “Getting it for free, even though I got my money.

The music video shows Getty in his element doing what he does best: curating memories and experiences, and spinning at nightclubs across the country with his entourage while quenching his thirst for life’s greatest luxury: inspiring others and spreading happiness.

“When we first put it on, people were instantly moving and smiling,” Getty says on the new track. “No matter their gender or age, they felt it. It’s in the spirit of Bob Marley’s  ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ in that respect. Devante did his thing, and Nevve added this incredible vocal. It’s there to make everyone dance and feel good. It’s  ‘Money‘. “

The multi-talent that is Balt Getty has a wealth of creativity that has continually flourished since he starred in the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Lord of The Flies and “sold his first beat for a bag of weed” at 15-years-old. His career has since twisted and turned from starring roles in David Lynch classics like Lost Highway and the 2017 resurrection of Twin Peaks to countless DJ gigs around the globe and a string of music releases. Moreover, his visionary collective Purple Haus Music ignited collaborations for everyone from rap legends Wu-Tang Clan to Latin superstar Asdru Sierra. This year, Getty released the banger “Porsche,” followed by “Retail Therapy” [feat. Devante], which attracted Riff Raff for its official remix.

Getty is gearing up for a busy 2019 with more music coming our way. Stay tuned and get that money.

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