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Oxburg talks being hip hop’s Mick Jagger, new music, business endeavors, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

So many people are going for their dreams, as they should. Most up-and-coming artists know what they need to do in order to stick out. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stick out, and Oxburg is one man up for the challenge.

Oxburg represents New York, the birthplace of hip hop. However, he is that rare NY rapper who isn’t from New York City or Yonkers. Instead, he is representing Central New York, and Oxburg has the opportunity to put that area on the map.

Definitely a promising star, Oxburg recently took time out to do an On the Rise interview. The buzzing rapper has a lot of influences that fall outside of the norm of hip hop. During his interview, he spoke on these influences, and what his future holds.

Read the entire interview below:

What is it about Mick Jagger that inspires you? Other than his music, his energy as a artist. I’m also inspired by his rockstar status.

How do you incorporate his sense of style into your music? Well, he’s Mick Jagger. A prestige level rock star. I call myself “Litt Jagger.” Meaning, I’m the littest artist out. My music is high end, top caliber sound, and I believe I’m the hottest indie/unsigned artist out!

Can you tell us more about the creation of Tales From The LittTales From The Litt was a album that determined the prestige level that I was on. Becoming my fourth album, I felt the title best suited the project. Tales From The Litt album paints pictures of different situations surrounding Ox.

You are also a businessman, what is the overall goal for your Love & Loyalty label? The goal is to get the numbers up high enough to earn the recognition i deserve. Everything ain’t about the talent and essence, anymore. It takes the fun out of it. You got artist with certain advantages then others all because of who the know. I vow to remain independent in continue to show new upcoming artist you can do it all without being signed to a major label.

How have you gone about building your fan base? Doing promo tours venturing off to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC, Austin, Texas and currently residing in Central/Southern Florida. Also, networking with other talented individuals nationwide. My PR has also helped expand my movement.

Your fan base is pretty spread out, regionally, what is it about places like Virginia, San Diego, LA, Miami, and Orlando that you managed to build such big fan bases in those areas? Honestly, I tend to promote and network in most places I love to travel.

As an independent artist, how important is international fan support? It’s very important. I believe promoting overseas gives every artist a fair chance to blow. The fans overseas tend to listen to the artist and not whats forced in their faces. Its allow a equal playing field of opportunities. Also allows more room for indie artist to capitalize on more money.

Where can fans connect with you on social media? IG: @lnl_ceo; Facebook: Oxburg Leonard ; Twitter: @Oxybaby YouTube:

Watch “Ain’t Lettin Up” by Oxburg below:

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